Coffee in Kauai From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Thanks so much for joining me for a little break today at Chicklit Power. Grab your coffee and come on in. We’re about to board the boat for a great time!

The weather was absolutely perfect and as we found our spot to get comfy and listen to the captain as he explained all the dos and don’ts about the trip, I could barely sit still. Why? Because whenever I know I’m going to see dolphins, I’m like a kid in a candy store; I can’t get there quick enough or get enough! In the past, George and I have done the snorkeling tour which is several hours earlier and the chance of seeing dolphins up close is much greater than in the later afternoon, the tour we were now on.

As the boat pulled away from the pier, everybody made their way around, looking for the spot they wanted to claim as theirs. I knew I didn’t want to sit on the trampoline-like spot like

Rodney & Cheryl

before, because you usually get soaked. Instead, George found us some great front row/bow seats that were just big white box-like containers, probably where all the life vests were stored, and right in the middle of the two trampoline-like spots. Rodney and George got up first, and then Cheryl and I climbed up and scooted back into our guys to get comfy. So in other words, George was holding all of my weight and his too, but he didn’t seem to mind.

With the wind blowing, my mouth was in a permanent smile but so was my heart. I leaned into George, enjoying the beauty that surrounded us for miles, catching the change of colors in the water that turned from deep, dark blue to aqua marine, to turquoise and back to deep, dark blue. The captain told us the color changes were due to depth and if rock was nearby. It was mesmerizing.

Just as soothing was the gentle gliding of the boat on the waves, and as we got further into Napoli coast, the ride became more defined by greater highs and longer lows into the water, up, up, up, down, down, down. But it wasn’t a rough ride by any means and though I have my fears I’m still fighting when it comes to the ocean, I was at peace, calm and not frightened at all, the feeling of George’s arms around me adding to my feeling of safety and contentment. This is what it’s like to just be!

The sights were breathtaking and captivated us into silence, each of us lost in our own thoughts. Every now and then, the beauty was so much so that we had to capture it with a picture, a picture that would bring me back to this place of beauty and serenity that I could draw upon in the future when life isn’t as peaceful and enjoyable.

Suddenly Cheryl shouted, “Dolphin; I see a dolphin. Oh, there’s more, over there, over there!” My neck turned so quick

Dolphin frenzy

in the direction of her hand that I startled the muscles and cringed but strained some more to see these beautiful child-like creatures that are exquisite to watch and always squeeze my heart with so much emotion. And then we saw a baby attached to his/her mommy. What a beautiful sight to see; a child never leaving its parent’s side, until it is strong enough that is.

The dolphin frenzy lasted for about 15 minutes, and then they swam on to the deeper unknown while we all got back to basking in the surrounding beauty, enjoying the rhythm of the boat as it rose up to meet the waves and came back down over the whitecaps. At times it felt as though

Mamma & baby

we were on an ocean roller-coaster and Cheryl and I couldn’t help but giggle like girls.

Our giggles went beyond the thrills of the ocean boat ride. Rodney and Cheryl really know how to have fun, and several times George and I broke out in fits of laughter over some of their shenanigans; other times, we marveled at the compatibility they shared between themselves and with others, a compatibility that was contagious, splashing on us and others, too!

Napoli Coast

Have you ever tried to eat salad while enjoying a catamaran ride? I’m giggling as I remember several times opening my mouth and putting my fork-full of salad in, closing my mouth on an empty fork, and looking up and over to see my lettuce floating in the wind! I wasn’t the only one who hadn’t mastered it, though. By the time our waiter served our main course, we had mastered getting the food in our mouth before the wind took it away, which was quite scrumptious by the way.

The highlight of the evening, we finally got to experience a Kauai sunset! Oh, what a feeling; oh, what a day! These moments in Kauai are forever etched in my heart, teaching me that they happen more often when we are just being, and not so much when we are busy doing.

Join me tomorrow for our Friday in Kauai. Have a great day and thanks for allowing me to share these memories and revelations with you. I’ll let the pictures speak the rest of the words! Enjoy!

Cheryl, the sunset and the Titanic?


Kauai Sunset


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  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    Oh how beautiful these photos are. We can almost feel the spray of the water and the joy of what you all are experiencing!