Coffee in Kauai From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Thanks so much for stopping by today for the conclusion of Coffee in Kauai. All of us have been opportunities to create memories that make us smile. Isn’t our God an amazing God? Grab your coffee and come on in. We were in the midst of our final day on the Island.

Rodney and Cheryl went off to explore the other direction and from a distance I could see her

Ken & Barbie-oops, Rodney and Cheryl

enthusiasm. When we caught up with them, I understood why she was so excited. She and I share the same view about snorkeling; breathing under water is just not a concept that our brain grasps. But here, on this little walk at this beautiful beach we could, as she puts it, snorkel on top of the water!

We were able to see a few types of fish, some of them very, very tiny, and even an eel, or at least we thought it was one! Every time I rewind the memory and pause it on Rodney and Cheryl, it squeezes my heart. See, she has such a childlike enthusiasm and is consistently able to see the small things, be in the moments so as to not miss the small things. And Rodney, he’s a mover and her protector, and a man of depth.

As I lay there in silence beside George, I remember feeling a little sad, wishing I could stay, and I had a little heart-to-heart with Him where I felt as though He were testing me by asking me “If you could move here to Kauai anytime soon, would you?” I searched deep, deep in my soul, moving beyond the memories we had created in Kauai, the fun we had experienced and the lessons we had learned, and the answer I came up with was, No, I wouldn’t because of ministry and family. If He don’t ordain it, then I don’t want it. I’ll have my Kauai in Heaven!

I can remember, as we picked up all of our stuff and made our way over to the showers, feeling so grateful for all that He had shown us on this trip, beginning with His beautiful creation, of course, and the ability to truly enjoy it. I was sad to leave, but so grateful to have been refreshed, to be able to say I am not the same physically, emotionally and spiritually girl I was the first day on the island.

When I came out of the restroom, the guys had befriended a local guy and blessed him with our ice chest of leftovers, for which he was openly appreciative. When Cheryl told me that the guy thought George and I were locals, I smiled as I remembered thinking when I first met George that he looked like an island boy!

Thank you RC!

We stopped for a bite to eat before heading off to turn the car back in and check in for our flight. All of that happened without drama and as we were boarding for the plane, something I had wondered about ever since printing our boarding pass became clear to me. Through some divine intervention, we received an upgrade to business class and while it meant earlier boarding – which I could care less about as I’m not a fan of being cooped up in and on an airplane – but it meant more leg room, which is something I desperately needed in order to spend the night on that thing! And here I thought I’d be up most of the night and maybe do some writing! He had other plans and I actually got a few hours of sleep!

The landing was one of the best, and as we got our luggage and began to walk toward the shuttle, we made plans to share one more meal together at a very popular place in Los Angeles! Darn it, I forgot the name again! The food was good and the company great. We were back to a different reality, a reality that began to tug on all of us as we talked about what we needed to do when we got home. Rodney and Cheryl were moving their daughter Tina into her dorm later that day, after dropping off a load of shower gifts at their other daughter’s, Jaime. We had our first event planning meeting and Bryden was coming back home today as well. Yes, we all had a full plate waiting in each of our realities!

Music that makes my heart sing

last Kauai sunrise

Thank you so much for sharing this time with me. Let me share one more thing with you that is spilling out of my heart through my fingers as I write this for you: Things go better with prayer! See, I think the thing that squeezed my heart the most about this trip — and maybe it’s because it was bathed in prayer – is the truth that the trip had ended with a stronger friendship than when it began, and it really could have not been that way but for the grace of God!

Have a beautiful day, and join me tomorrow for more of the series we left when we started this, Nana Holds!


Blessed beyond belief,



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One Response to “Coffee in Kauai From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    Beautiful photos and wonderful moments. Life is, after all, only about memories. That is why we live in the moment and not in the past because we have been given the moment we are in and it is temporary.