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Coffee in Kauai

Thanks so much for taking time to join me today for a little break. I know life can be full of distractions at times, and hopefully you will be glad you came! Grab your coffee and let’s get back to where we left off. . . Oh, yeah, the burning sand. Incidentally, I found out as we were leaving that the name of this beach is “Barking Sand” Beach! Barking is not what I was doing when my feet were getting burned, but how ironic. Hmm, makes me wonder! 🙂

So after Rodney set me down, he went back and got the ice chests he had to leave behind and George helped him. At first I felt like such a fool, a wimp, but then I saw that Cheryl had closed-toe shoes on and Georges sandals are a closed toe sandal. But Rodney, I don’t know; I think he’s just a nature boy in a man’s body and I swear he has a pain tolerance of a thousand.

Anyway, we settled in on some damp sand – I didn’t want to burn my butt, too! 🙂 We made sandwiches, drinks, and then George and Rodney went out to do some boogie boarding and Cheryl and I stayed put, enjoying the sun, our friendship and definitely loving watching them, especially when I looked up to see George’s feet straight up in the air and realized that the boogie board had escaped, sending him flat on his back. And then he got up and went right back out and rode some pretty good waves in for some pretty good rides. And Rodney, well, let’s just say I think he must have been born in the water. Cheryl and I both agreed, going out there where we were was not on our agendas.

Heads up . . . I mean legs up!

When they came back in, we sat and talked for a while and then Cheryl and I decided to go get wet, ever so gently of course. Well, the current had a different idea and before we knew it, we were both soaked and laughing.

I don’t even know how this happened, and I’m still having a hard time believing that it happened, but the guys managed to get us both out there on those darned boogie boards. To say I was scared is an understatement, kind of like the kayak trip we took several months back. The memory of that must have helped dissolve some of my fears because I went out there, I mean really out there, clinging to this board made of Styrofoam as if it could save my life!

Going out there was actually not bad, just like in kayaking; once you get past the first few waves, you face the rest head on and just bob right over them. The trick is coming back, knowing when to run like heck while clinging to your board, and when to get on the board and ride the wave in. Well, Cheryl did really well. I, on the other hand, ate it not once, but twice, and the second one was a nose dive! Want to know what happened when I came up? I was laughing!

I actually went out again before we left, wanting to get it right, feeling so good about conquering yet another fear, thankful to God for HIS mercy and for my husband and Rodney’s patience. I wonder if I could do this at home.

After several hours at the beach we headed for the famous blow hole. There were a lot of people who had the same idea! We pulled up and I was surprised at the changes. There was now a fence surrounding it so you couldn’t walk down to it like we were able to do a few years prior. And it seemed as though the volcanic rock had grown, gotten wider. I was a little disappointed that we couldn’t take Rodney and Cheryl down there, but the beauty was still so captivating.

After that, we headed back to WalMart for a couple things we realized we forgot, came home, made dinner, and crashed! Wow, what a full day! I was so content as I lay my head down and thanked Him for a beautiful day of being in the Kauai moments of which there had already been so many and this was only Sunday!

Join me tomorrow for more Kauai moments.



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Kauai Sunrise, my guy, and coffee too!

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  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    Golly Guys you are making us all green with envy!! I don’t look that good in green. Ha