Don’t Forget How You Came (2)-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power. I’m so glad you came by today. We’re going to meet another amazing history-making guy that David’s about to meet. Grab your coffee and come on in.

So David’s just had his biggest victory ever and thereafter he set up a form of government, if you will by assigning certain men over certain areas, kind of like our mayors we have today in our cities. After that’s all done, David’s chillaxing in his palace and in his quiet time he thinks of his BFF Jonathan who had been murdered a couple years previous. He becomes sad, as any of us would as we think of a loved one who has passed. See, this is an example that no matter how much we’ve obtained, how much we’ve accomplished, how much money we have, possessions, because we are not with Him in eternity, there will always be things that we think about or things that happen that make that feeling of happiness fleeting.

Now, don’t get me wrong; David wasn’t forgetting all his blessings, not at all. He just was missing his best friend. So he sent for one of his top guys and asked if there was any family left from the house of Saul. If you don’t know who Saul is, he’s the guy who was king before David and he was Jonathan’s dad. The story of Saul’s life from start to finish is another amazing story filled with things that plague us today: competition, jealousy, pursuit of power and position.

Oops, let me get back to David’s somber moment. So he inquired about Saul’s home, if anyone was left so “he could show him kindness for Jonathan’s sake.” Let’s take a little detour here, for just a minute and then we’ll come back. Another powerful story in the 1st and 2nd books of Samuel is the story of David and Jonathan’s friendship. It was pure; God-centered and backed by a covenant to protect each other and their families. Many of us would think when the one we make a covenant with is gone, has passed away, that that would nullify the covenant.

Well, not David. I’m telling you, he has so many characteristics that God is still patiently developing in me. There are so many things recorded in these books about David that truly foreshadow Christ, how He is with us and who He is for us. Allow me to share some of them because understanding some of his characteristics will help you appreciate who we’re going to meet next.

First, David was obedient even when the situation didn’t make sense. He showed up for instructions before doing anything. He sought the Commander of his life.

Second: David’s faith and hope flowed over into the lives of the people he led and the people he defeated because he had a concern for their spiritual welfare.

Wow, we’ve been here for a bit so I better let you go, but come back tomorrow and we’ll finish up with some of his strongest characteristics before we meet an incredible, awe-inspiring person that will help us to not forget how we came to Who we came!

Have a faith-active day!


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2 Responses to “Don’t Forget How You Came (2)-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Gay says:

    Off the subject, but wanted to tell you, your makeup is looking good….love the lips 🙂

  2. Jan Bachelor says:

    David is such a great example of all our lives. In adversity and sadness He still praised the Lord and trusted Him in the midst of all crisis. Sometimes it took him awhile, but he eventually saw that praise makes the devil flee. Lucifer hates being around praise to our Abba God!