Don’t Forget How You Came (5) From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and welcome back to this series, “Don’t Forget How You Came.” Get your coffee or whatever you’re having and come on in. We’re about to meet Mephibosheth.

After David talks with Ziba, the person that was over the house of Saul, and Ziba told him of Jonathan’s son, David urged him to go and get him and bring him to the palace. Now, I wish I could have been a fly on the wall during this conversation because I’m hungry to know whether Ziba warned David of Mephibosheth’s lameness or not. The Word doesn’t indicate, at least I don’t find it yet, that David knew of Mephibosheth’s accident.

Now let’s try and get a feel for the setting here. David is on his throne, surrounded by splendor, and I’m sure he was adorned in an amazing outfit – not anything you and I would wear, but an outfit fit for a king back then, which was full of symbolism, color and jewels. He’s on his throne, waiting. I can tell you this: his heart is full of love, his motives are pure and he’s excited to see his best friend’s son and shower him with blessings. I can just imagine him squirming on his throne with excitement.

DETOUR AHEAD! As I write this and picture David, I see some symbolism here. Our Heavenly Father waits on His throne with excited anticipation for each one of us to come to Him so that He can shower His love and mercy upon us, bless us, fill us with hope, strength and understanding, and heal any and all wounds. Wow, what a picture!

Now let’s switch gears back to Mephibosheth. Remember, back in this time and culture, to be lame was to be filled with shame. He was an outcast and a loner, which is what shame brings, isolation. STOP AHEAD! Oops, I need to pay attention to these signs! Something tells me the stop sign is because of the shame and understanding this is going to help us have a bit more insight into Mephibosheth. Follow me.

OMG, so I just looked up “shame” in the Old Testament and it means: reproach, wounded, taunted, insulted, confounded and confused. Holy Moly, look at the power of shame! 🙁

This is a big weapon that then enemy has been using since the beginning of time. And the longer we carry this bad boy, the harder it is to get out of it; the more heavy-laden and oppressed we become. Wow, what a horribly gut-wrenching cycle. Shame is crippling and makes us lame, just like Mephibosheth. And shame could actually be heaped upon us by others, just like it was for Mephibosheth. He didn’t do anything to deserve the fall that caused his lameness and thereafter his shame. Unfortunately, shame perpetuates itself and can literally keep us in a horrible bondage, blinded to any source of hope and help.

Wow, I think I know Mephibosheth much better now. I don’t know about you, but I have been just like him, filled with shame, shame that was first heaped upon me by someone else, and then perpetuated into an ugly cycle of self-destruction. I am humbled beyond words as I recall the long walk to the King who waited patiently while I made my way toward Him so He could rid me of my shame.

I know you need to go, so we’ll try and wrap this up next time.

Humbly and thankfully,


P.S. Happy Birthday, Denise! 🙂

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