Don’t Forget How You Came (6)-From Coffee Hour @ Chickilt Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power, and welcome back to this powerful series. If this is your first time, you may want to go back to the 28th of February, and begin at the beginning. Grab your coffee or whatever you’re having, and let’s get back to David who is probably dancing in his seat as he awaits to be introduced to his deceased best friend’s son.

Let me bring you up to where we are: David is on his throne, surrounded by splendor, at the peak of his career and though he is happy, he misses his best friend who was killed years before, and in his sadness he remembers the covenant he and Jonathan made. He learns through one of his men in charge that there is still a son of Jonathan’s that is alive, so he beckoned one of his men to go and get Mephibosheth. He longs to share his blessings, longs for that connection, just like Jesus longs to share the blessings from His/our Father with us.

And by the way, David does know that Mephibosheth is lame, and he’s still excited! Just like our King knows of all the things that have crippled us and made us lame, and He too still awaits excitedly every day, every hour, every moment for us to come to Him! 🙂

Now let’s switch gears to Mephibosheth, who at the young age of five was whisked away by his nurse for safety and there was an accident and the nurse dropped him, causing him to become crippled. In that era, to be lame was to have shame, shame put upon you by others, and then with that shame comes an emotional crippling, if you will.

When shame that is heaped upon you/us by others – which is always based on untruths – collides with your/our own lack of confidence and self-esteem, it picks up speed as it begins to weave a web that is nearly impossible to come out of, a cycle that is impossible to stop, unless we come to the King who awaits to untangle the mess, take away our shame and just love us into wholeness.

Okay, so let’s get back to Mephibosheth. Who knows what he was doing when he was summoned out of his house and led to go see King David.

Uh-oh, I see another “DETOUR AHEAD”: How does one who is filled with reproach, woundedness, is taunted, insulted, confounded and confused spend their days? I know when I was crippled by my shame, I spent most of my time running, away from myself, and I kept repeating a lot of the same mistakes because I was scared to look at my past, face to face. But I masked it so well by pleasing others, over-achieving, and a host of other bad habits.

Boy, did I ever waste a lot of time and energy, and I’m so blessed to have run into the King who taught me that to run from our shame was a weapon that the enemy uses as well as the weapon of fear, convincing us that it’s too awful to deal with. Now that I am on the other side, I can see the depth of those lies. It wasn’t easy getting over here, but it’s definitely been worth it.

The point of this whole series is to remember how we came to our King, but you may be asking why? I’ll assure you this; that it’s not to send you back to your shame; that’s a promise. I better let you go for now, but come back to this series to see what happens when Mephibosheth comes face to face with King David.

Thoughtfully and prayerfully,


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