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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and welcome back to what I hope will be the conclusion to this series, “Don’t Forget How You Came.” Grab your coffee and come on in.

So we left off with a very important question about how to accept His gift of restoration as a promise for our own life. The word “gift” is a key because when someone gives you a gift, more often than not, you accept it, right?

Let me put myself out there and try and give you an analogy. After my second divorce, I resolved in my heart that I was done with relationships; that I was just a relationship killer and would never be good in a relationship. About a year later, I started dating with a vengeance, seriously! I dated with the philosophy of “Wine me, dine me; you’re never gonna find me!” And I said that many times with a smile on my face. 🙂 Oh, and by the way, I considered myself a Christian saved by grace, BUT – uh-huh, this is a big “but” – I had not surrendered my dating up to Him.

All that changed after something horrible happened on a date 🙁 and then I came, just like Mephibosheth, crippled with shame, before the throne of our Father and I surrendered that area of my life over to my First Husband, Jesus Christ. And just like David was with Mephibosheth, He was so loving, patient and gentle in His reassurances to me as we began the unpacking that had to be done in this area, assuring me that I didn’t need to keep filling the void with another failed relationship; that I needed to allow Him to begin to restore my physical, emotional and spiritual self to what He created it to be.

Jesus honored my surrendering and we went through an amazing SOS, season of singleness together. It was about an eleven-year season that taught me the value of surrendering, a season I wouldn’t trade for anything. There were many times I let Him carry me through the valleys of loneliness and despair, many times I asked Him to hold me at night, and He did. But that wasn’t all He did.

Before I continue with my story, let’s return to David and Mephibosheth. Now, Mephibosheth is in shock and he can’t believe what he’s just heard, that David would be restoring all the land of his grandfather, and he, the crippled outcast would get to eat at the King’s table with the King. His head is swimming because I’m sure it’s all really overwhelming for him. I can just imagine how dumbfounded and speechless he must have been especially because the Word doesn’t give us any reply from him just yet, but it does go on to give us another amazing tidbit here. Come with me and let’s go check this out.

Not only does David restore some material things to Mephibosheth, but by allowing him to eat at his table every day, he has restored Mephibosheth’s dignity that was stripped from him because of his shame!

Now the beauty of that is definitely something to ponder, and I know I said this would hopefully be the conclusion, but we keep finding diamonds and a girl can’t pass them up, right? So I’d better let you go for now, but come back Wednesday so I can share how David solidifies the restoration of Mephibosheth’s dignity!



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