Don’t Forget How You Came-From Coffee Hour With Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power and welcome back to the conclusion of this series, I think. 🙂 Grab your coffee and let’s get back to David and Mephibosheth, who is about to be blessed beyond his comprehension by the gift of restoration.

Now to rewind just a bit, David has assured Mephibosheth that he has summoned him merely for the purpose of showing him kindness “for the sake of Jonathan your father’s sake.” He then announces a huge gift. “I will restore to you all the land of Saul, your grandfather, and you shall eat bread at my table continually.” DETOUR AHEAD!

There is major symbolism here but for the sake of time, let me just give you one major one. This is exactly what God sent Jesus to do for us: To restore all that the evil one has stolen from us while we were so busy in our sinful nature, and as if that’s not enough, He invites us to sit at His table, not only in eternity, but daily! I don’t know about you, but that gives me goose bumps. Okay, back to Mephibosheth. 🙂

But Mephibosheth doesn’t know how to accept the gift of restoration that David offers. We see this when he questions David by asking him, “What is your servant that you should look upon such a dead dog as I?” He admits to being like a dead dog! DETOUR AHEAD!

So the King is singling Mephibosheth out like he’s someone special despite what society thought of him, despite spending his life crippled and being looked down upon and treated like an outcast. It is just too much for his mind to grasp. Is this why he refers to himself like a dead dog? Could it be that he spent so many years lame and crippled, that that fed his shame that was put upon him by society which took away from his self-esteem?

Oh, what a slow and sneaky process, kind of like a leak in a pipe that you don’t know about until it explodes! Pretty soon you’re all out of anything positive and running in the negative. Mephibosheth felt as good as dead, had no hope until receiving that beautiful gift of restoration. How does one receive that gift of restoration and accept that promise for him or herself?

As I think of Mephibosheth, I can think of several people with this same mindset. It’s a victim mentality and they don’t know how to really reach out and grasp the gift of restoration that comes after true surrender. Because this is such an important part of remembering how we came, I don’t want to conclude this series just yet. Please join me Monday for the final conclusion, for real this time. 🙂




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