Even when I Fail, He is Faithful-February’s Wow-Part 1

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Thanks so much for joining me for Coffee Hour and our monthly WOW (words of wisdom; weapons of warfare). I can’t believe January is already gone and something tells me February is going to fly by faster, and not just because it’s a shorter month! Grab your coffee and come on in.

Do you ever experience times when you wish you hadn’t said something, acted in a certain way with a wrong attitude, or done something you knew that you knew you shouldn’t do? Oh, sister, I have, and way too many times to count!

He just brought to mind a poignant memory that helps soothe that uncomfortable frustration. It was a Tuesday evening and our church service had just ended. I was standing in the back musing on this exact frustration while all the guys were putting away all the chairs and cleaning up everything, leaving not a trace of a church service for the elementary students the next day. (We were meeting in an elementary school at the time.) I must have really been deep in thought because when I heard my pastor say my name, I remember being startled but pleasantly surprised.

website mission statement cloud 200xWe began to walk toward each other. I don’t’ remember how we started the conversation but I do remember that we wound up talking about this very subject and I shared the frustration I was feeling with him about myself! This pastor is a gentle soul and his words of encouragement will resonate in my heart forever. He said: “You are a leader with a gift of words, which can be like a double-edged sword and the key is learning the how to use them to edify and not tear down, and that includes not tearing yourself down! He recognized that while I was frustrated with the situation, I was more frustrated with myself! I felt validated in my frustration and encouraged to just keep trying to get it right and be more accepting of the gift of words God had given me. Maybe if I relaxed a bit, I might not offend so often?

His mercies r new every morning!

His mercies r new every morning!

I still make mistakes in the area of saying too much, being too transparent, but I’m so thankful for His Word that splashes perspective and reminds me that the work He began in me will continue until I am face to face with Him!

This month’s WOW is from the book of Psalms, 73:26: My flesh and my heart fail; but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever!

Honestly, I had no intention of sharing that first part and I didn’t mean to get off on that little detour, but that’s where He led, so we’ll pick up with our WOW on Wednesday, and I’ll share the incident that led me to these words of wisdom and how they came to life within me and I pray they will do the same for you!

Have an awesome Monday, and if you can, tune in with us at 1:00 Pacific time at Blog Talk Radio for our show on breaking free from co-dependency! www.blogtalkradion.com/Chicklit-Power

Don’t forget to join me tomorrow for Invitation Tuesday because I’ll be giving a little heads-up about our next event!



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