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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and welcome back to the “Faith & Finance” series. If this is your first time with us and/or your first time in this series, you may want to check the archives so you can get caught up and brought up to speed on this subject. Yesterday we left off with a few thought-provoking questions, so grab your coffee and come on in.

So how do we take our focus off the pile of financial responsibility and focus on something and/or someone more hopeful, like the promises in His Word? I think any type of financial trial is probably our toughest because it hits us where we live and how we live. On the other hand, having gone through some amazing lessons about finances, I can honestly say that our finances can be one of our biggest faith-builders as well as a great character developer.

For those of you who are joining our little coffee hour and you don’t believe, or maybe you do but you don’t nurture that belief, please don’t go away. There’s something in this series for you as well.

Most of us have heard the saying: “Fake it until you make it,” right? If you were to put this promise that I posted yesterday on a flash card, or several flash cards, and post them in the places you happen to go the most to in your home, like the refrigerator, or on the mirror in the bathroom, and of course in your car and in your purse/wallet, and you looked at this promise several times a day, I guarantee you your brain would start accepting this as true. See, your brain only knows what you tell it.

It takes, what, 30 days to make a habit and only one or two to break it. What if you were to feed this to your brain for 30 days? What have you lost? Nothing, absolutely nothing, but you stand to gain a whole lot.

Let’s go back to that question, because there’s more than one answer. I can hear you saying something like, “But that’s not gonna make the bills go away!” No, it’s not, and they never will go away as long as you feed your doubt/fear and not your faith. Let me take you on a little rabbit trail here about faith.

You may have heard the partial saying from the Bible, “if you have faith the size of a mustard seed…” First of all, did you know that a mustard seed is about the size of a grain of pepper? Pretty darned small, huh? I used to think that this verse was trying to teach us about just how little faith we need, but I have recently learned that that is only part of it, a very small part of it in fact. What I learned recently, thanks to Pastor Ken, is that mustard seeds cannot cross-pollinate to produce any other type of seed. It is what it is; pure! That’s what He asks that our faith be, small and pure.

Please come back tomorrow and we’ll talk some more about focusing on hope versus our lack to fulfill our financial responsibilities.



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