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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and welcome back to the “Faith & Finance” series. If this is your first time with us and/or your first time in this series, you may want to check the archives so you can get caught up and brought up to speed and that way you won’t feel as though you’re jumping into the middle of a conversation. Grab your coffee and come on in. I have something exciting to share with you.

So I was going to finish telling you the story about being taken off of work and my salary decreasing by 75% and how my faith fueled my finances, but then something amazing happened to me the day before that I just have to share because it so ties into this faith and finances series.

After Blog Talk Radio on Monday, I had a little coffee hour scheduled with someone who is near and dear to my heart. So there we were at her favorite Starbucks, sitting there laughing and sharing, and crying some too, because she had listened to the show and it was powerfully emotional, hitting spots in both of our hearts from times past.

Another thing that we share is our faith, and as we shared tears, professed that God had definitely entwined our journeys with Chicklit Power Ministries, she very nonchalantly said: “Oh, by the way, speaking of CPM, the Holy Spirit told me to give this to you.”

I reached out to take what she was handing me and literally choked as I stared at a check made out to CPM for $750! She took me into her arms as I wept unabashedly. She told me she’d been holding on to this “extra tithe” for sometime, waiting until she heard Him tell her what she was to do with it, and once He told her, she was obedient.

She works hard for her money and she’s wise with her money and to say I was humbled would be an understatement. And then she mentioned this “Faith & Finance” series by saying, “Besides, you’re doing the ‘Faith & Finance’ series, so that’s confirmation”!

Now there’s a couple of diamonds in this true story. One: I am not used to being on the receiving end of such a donation and I understand wholeheartedly the principle of being wise with whatever funds He blesses us with, honestly. It’s just that – and I’m so not saying this to toot my horn – I’ve been on the other end many times, being the giver, not the receiver, so these are shoes that I am most humbly wearing.

I also understand it’s not for me, but to effectuate the mission statement of Chicklit Power: “Destination? Joyful! A ministry dedicated to helping others unpack the junk one piece at a time.” As she says: “That was from Jesus. I’ve done my part; now you do yours.” See, we really are the property managers over all He loans us!

This unexpected donation/gift also brings new life to this series and yet drives home the honest to goodness truth that when He is invited into something, there will NEVER be a deficit! I am so very encouraged knowing I am working WITH Him, not just FOR Him!

So it is with this donation/gift that we have entered the journey of publication of “Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power: A Cup of Encouragement for the Day,” and you’ll never guess how much it cost…… Give up? From start to finish, including being listed on Amazon, with Barnes & Noble and other large bookstores, plus our first approximately 20 or so books, and the expedite fee so we can have the book out by our next “Destination? Joyful!” event, February 5th, 2011, all for the price of $750! I can’t wait to write her a dedication in the book!

Now that’s a miracle Jesus Style. Come back tomorrow and I’ll finish up the other story and hopefully the series 🙂



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