Faith & Finances-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power! I’m so glad you’ve stopped by and I hope you will be too. Actually, I think you will be. I’ve been thinking a lot about what we’re going to talk about today, and I think we just may be beginning a new series, but grab your coffee and come on in and I’ll share with you the motivation behind it.

So many people very near and dear to my heart are going through some major financial struggles and have been for a while. The trials that our economy is enduring are nothing short of disastrous for so many people. Since the decline a couple of years ago, I’ve been able to remind myself that God’s economy is not the same as our world’s economy. My husband and I have felt the financial impact as well, but nothing like some very special people, and perhaps you, too.

As I take an inventory in my mind of some of the top faith-building financial difficulties that I know many are going through, I am blown away and inspired all at the same time, for these financial struggles have not weakened their faith; they’ve strengthened it. Some of the scenarios are as follows, and I’ll use circumstances instead of names, but those of you going through these things, you know who you are: Family of seven, husband and wife both used to work and brought in a substantial income. Then life’s direction was changed for her when she was forced to be still and re-evaluate and let go of her job and substantial income. Shortly thereafter, her husband, a GM of a large restaurant, was let go. I have watched them grow in ways that they never would have without this faith & finance struggle.

Another very close family, husband has been part owner in a company and the company has been successful for years, that is until the last several when all labor and manufacturing was shipped over to China. Since then, they have suffered great loss, and a definite change in lifestyle. Again, I’ve watched them grow in their faith while letting go of things that used to be important.

Another very close friend and her husband run her father’s company. Again, it was thriving and doing well, until the economy took a dump. Now, they’re not sure where their next check is coming from but they definitely know who their provider is.

I was talking with another friend whose family has also grown through job upheavals and a feast-or-famine type of lifestyle, and as she was sharing some of her struggles, it hit me: There is probably no greater faith-builder than that which involves our finances and our health. As I write this blog, I’m moved to tears of inspiration and tears of compassion, so I’d like to dedicate this new series, Faith & Finances,” which will officially begin in a couple of days, to those close friends of mine, and any of you who are finding your faith being tested through your finances. Know that you are not alone and that your faith will be honored as it grows.



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4 Responses to “Faith & Finances-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Stevo Tandarts says:

    Hi there this post is very interesting. I’ll use it for my blog :). Can you comment me some related articles that I can read too?

  2. Evancho says:

    Love to read such things, they always interest me and usually I have a question: why?

  3. Emanuel Reeshof says:

    Hello thanks for yet another nice and good post. Where do you find your inspiration for all this :|?

  4. Susie says:

    It’s definitely a roller coaster ride…..Tom and I need to keep our focus on the Lord or we’d be fighting w/ each other and go nuts!!