The Gifts that Keep on Giving, part two

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

EL pen Logo with heartHappy Christmas Eve Day! Wow, that day is upon us … I can just hear the laughter and joy around our world; I can only imagine the joy that each of us will experience as we give the gifts we’ve picked out for our loved ones … what an exciting time of year. But when it’s all done, there is often a feeling of disappointment and let-down …but when we give the gifts that keep giving, we don’t have to experience that bummer feeling! We can keep the joy! Grab your coffee and let’s go open a couple more gifts to give to others.

The next gift to give is the gift of Peace which translates to shalom. Whew, this gift is used 237 times in the Word and has a range of definitions; for example, in the book of Genesis, it translates to “at ease,” or “unharmed,” yet the expressed root meaning is “being whole.” Don’t you love that word picture, the picture of the ability to stand at ease, even in chaos and storms of life, because of being made whole?

Let’s keep digging: “Shalom is also described as the desired state of our soul and mind which encourages our overall development. The state of being ‘at ease’ is achievable both internally and externally.” Oh, my, but that’s another brilliant diamond to use as a flashlight when the path seems dark! How many of us try to look “at ease” on the outside but internally, the emotions and thoughts are in a vicious tug-of-war, vying for victory over us?

So how do we give this gift? This is another one that can’t be “put in a box,” per se, but there are ways to gift it … but only after we’ve received it from The Only One who can give a peace that transcends all understanding, a peace that guards the heart and mind. [Phil. 4:7]

How do we receive this gift?  First we must begin the process of becoming whole. See, every one of us has a God-sized hole in our hearts that only HE can fill.  The more we show up, the more the broken pieces of our lives become whole.  When we can be “at ease” internally and externally in the midst of meeting life on life’s terms, then we are truly possessing the gift of peace.

Have you ever heard the saying, if Mom isn’t happy, no one’s happy? Have you ever noticed that moms/wives are often the temperature controller of the house? When there is contention in the home, whether without spouses or our children, do we add sparks and/or logs to the already burning fire or do we splash some water on the situation by being “at ease” in the midst of it all?  Can’t give it if you don’t possess it!

Is there someone you’ve harmed with your words or actions? His desire for us is to be “at ease and unharmed” in our relationships. As much as is possible with you, live peaceably with Christmas_peaceothers.  [Romans 12:8]

Well, would you like to shop for one more before our time ends? Oh, please, just a few more minutes; I promise, He’ll make up the time for you! Let’s go get some patience … see, this one will be worth it!

The word “patience” is also translated as long-suffering. Uh-oh, this doesn’t sound like a very fun shopping spree! Hang in there with me because, trust me, by the time we finish looking at this gift, you will want to take some with you!

As a noun, patience/longsuffering is “an abiding under and grows only in and through trials”! STOP!

I know; I didn’t tell you there was going to be some humility involved, huh? It’s okay; we can do this. Let’s keep shopping by taking a deeper look into the types of trials that increases this gift!

The everyday trials which can vary in size and depth – you know, like your plans getting blown up as if a bomb hit them when something happens that is out of your control! Then there are the trials that are a form of correction – ooh, but those hurt so good but we don’t realize it until after the spanking! Can I get an AMEN!

And there are those trials, such as illnesses, that are categorized as undeserved affliction – Now here’s why patience is also translated as longsuffering.

Patience is also persistence, perseverance in well-doing. A-ha, that’s an interesting one… I’m feeling a bit of conviction here so please bear with me as I stop and stare at this for a minute.

What about you; do you ever get tired of suffering long with that unlovable, or continuing to serve and not being appreciated? The list of examples could probably wrap around my house, but whatever the circumstance, this God-inspired definition is encouraging us to hang in there because the more good we do, the longer and stronger our spiritual battery will last!

Hang in there; this part of the shopping spree is about complete! We can’t leave without understanding this gift as an action!

See, patience in action means: being still, abiding, to tarry behind, wait for. Wow, what a beautiful word picture of this gift being gifted! See, patience in action is long-tempered – which doesn’t mean having a long fit!

I am completely humbled at His extraordinary patience He extended to me as He waited for me to recognize that I needed Him, desperately needed Him to come into my heart, to make sense of my life which was a bunch of broken pieces. And now that my heart is His home, I am more aware of His consistent patience with me during trials when I am acting like a two-year-old needing my diaper changed, and oh my hard-headedness that makes every lesson I learn learned the hard way.  Oh, and the repeats and reruns that He patiently guides me through, as if missing the mark in that area once wasn’t enough! It’s because He has poured out His patience in me that I am able to persevere in ministry. His patience extended to me has become persistence.

Now, how do we gift this gift? Well, how about with our loved ones? See, the gift has so much more power and potential when gifted against the flesh, meaning allowing the gift to win out over a negative reaction which now becomes a beautiful response. Oh, the faces/hearts that come to my mind right now, faces and hearts of women who are struggling in their marriages because their husbands aren’t “getting it”; they aren’t figuring some things out. Then there’s other woman I am encouraging who are in their unpacking process and sometimes it seems that they take two steps forward and then ten backwards. Oh, haven’t I done the very same thing?

This word picture of abiding under while waiting for is absolutely beautiful. If we are abiding under His shelter, we will be able to wait for those that we are praying for to figure it out, to extend patience to them as they come face to face with some issues, and not try and be their Holy Spirit.

Who in your life needs you to wait for them, to extend them some patience?

We’ll finish up our shopping spree next week, but be sure and have yourself a Merry, Merry CHRISTmas, and tomorrow, join me for a three-minute treat … one that will make your Christmas moments and memories sweeter!

That’s a wrap … finally!

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