Just a Day Away! From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks for coming by. I’m a bit excited because we are only one day away from — Well, come on in and I’ll give you the scoop:)

So in just one more day, our workshop, Resolutions and Relationships, will go on. I am so excited about this event for several reasons: first and foremost, I absolutely love all that He’s given us to give all of you! It will be life-changing because we have a special guest coming — Our Father has promised to be there. He’s really looking forward to seeing you there.

Our venue is amazing and I’m so honored to be working with the wonderful staff at The River! Getting to see everyone will be exciting for me as well. Our worship band has been practicing and preparing and Steve and I have really been prayerfully preparing, as well as our team who have been working faithfully and tending to all the details.  And then finally, the last reason I’m REALLY excited is because it will be my first official book-signing! What an exciting time to share with you.  So in case you lost your flier, or you never got one, or you need the address, here you go; here’s the scoop. And don’t forget, the doors open at 7:45 so we can get you all in and settled before it starts!



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