Keeping it Real… From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Happy Monday to you and thanks so much for coming by for Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power. I hope you had a safe weekend, especially with all of the rain. Come on in for a few minutes. I have something bittersweet to share.

The rain and the ocean are my two favorite inspirations for writing, however; for the sake of keeping it real with you, I’ll be taking a couple of days off to sort through my thoughts, to process the events that have happened over the last two weeks of my mother’s life. My mom has turned in her old tent for a new one in heaven. She left us Friday night at 8:55 p.m. and I was there holding her hand as she gasped for her last breath.

There are so many amazing things I want to share with all of you, especially those of you who have been with me through the “Loving the Unlovable/Difficult People” series, for she was my number one unlovable, that is until two weeks ago, when the beginning of the end took place and I was given glimpses into her true heart, not the heart that her disease created, but the heart that Abba gave her.

I am too sad for words, and yet very grateful and overwhelmed that I was given an opportunity to put my love for her in action, get to know her sober, and actually come to really like her.

I now know that sadness and happiness can dwell together. I’ll be back with you on Wednesday. Please come back and we’ll finish up the “Keeping it Real” series, and then I’ll share some of the amazing highlights of the last two weeks of my mother’s life.

Much love,


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7 Responses to “Keeping it Real… From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”


    Nicely put Kim. Proud of the woman you are and have become over the years I have known you. You are amazing 🙂 Keep up the good work and now you need time for just YOU. Take that time and be blessed in HIM. Bask in HIS GLORY. Love you MOG….

  2. Courtney Deaves says:

    Kim I’m so sorry for your loss… You will be in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

  3. beth cox says:

    Hello My Friend,
    So sorry to hear of your loss and the bitter sweet pain that comes with it. I believe with all my heart this was a sort of closure you needed in your life to move forward and for you to have your own peace.
    You are in my prayers. Let me know if you need anything,
    your frend,

  4. Karen says:

    Kim…I am glad that you had such an enlightened time with mom these last two weeks…glad that you were able to reach her and that she was able to reach you with her wit, her sense of humor, her ability to show vulnerability. I am happy that you were able to converse with her and she with you.

    it was, indeed, a gift for all of us to be there with Mom as she passed through the door from this life to the next I am sooooo happy that Anastasia, the granddaugher, Me her daughter, George her son in law were also in the room as she passed quickly. You would of missed it while taking a potti break if we hadn’t called you out to inform you that she was leaving us, she went so quick! I am blessed for all of us being able to be there with and for her during her transition. I am sorry that Pat missed that by 24 minutes…traffic and weather…sad!

  5. Lee T says:

    What a wonderful daughter you have been to your mother. God gave you the time with her at the end of her days so that you could feel a connection — probably for the first time. God gave me a daughter who has had a connection with me, it seems, forever; now I have an “honorary daughter” whom I cherish, as well.
    Exceptional last two weeks. Sleep well, knowing that you have done your very best during very trying times. Your mother was spared many days, weeks or months of continual agony and for that we are all grateful. She knew Jesus as her Savior near the end, so she can rest. God is good.

  6. admin says:

    Thank you so much for your constant, consistent encouragement. It’s been a wall of strength in my life for over 20 years now:) I am so blessed by you, your example….
    Much love,
    your honorary daughter

  7. Jan Bachelor says:

    Yes, my child, it is a blessing to be with one who is leaving this earth. I understand better then most this special moment that you have experienced. I also had that special moment with my Dad minutes before he went to Jesus. I had the real experience of seeing him or rather the essence of him as the hurt and pure child he truly was. I had never seen that side of him and it was truly a beautiful revelation to me by the grace of God, So privileged to be able to put all the “ugly” behind me but to have TRUE forgiveness and a love bond that had been missing inside me all my life. Sadness, yes, missing what might have been, and joy for the blessings I had just received. Wow, it was hard to explain to others why I was not in deep mourning during that time. The “no regrets”, the “forgiveness”, the “understanding”,the “acceptance”, the “pure love” I always needed overcame all the pain! God is so good and it is beautiful to behold this awesome gift.
    Be blessed with all that God provided for you during this end time it is truly a moment to cherish! Love ya so much, Nanny-Mom