How to Mend a Broken Heart-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

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Psalm 147:3

            He heals the             brokenhearted and binds up their wounds!

Welcome to our May WOW with Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power. I guess we better wrap this up pretty soon considering June is just a few days away!!! Whew, grab your coffee and come on in before June gets here. 🙂

So we left off with my tears turning to tears of relief and joy as I surrendered my broken heart to Him, and then the afterglow of that, which was feeling peace transcending all understanding, and comfort, comfort that the world cannot give, or anyone in it. It’s so incredibly freeing to actually love those who hurt us. It’s sort of indescribable but also impossible to do without allowing Him to mend the broken heart and bind up our emotional wounds!

Let’s do a bit of digging to really get the most out of this powerful Weapon of Warfare and these few Words of Wisdom. There are two words that really get my attention – oops, three, but let’s see where this dig takes us: heals, binds, and wounds so let’s go to our first dig: heals. Grab your shovels and let’s go check this out in the Hebrew Concordance.

As we make our way over to this particular reference, I am blessed with this revelation: heal, healed and healing are incredibly present in the Old Testament . . . and many say there is no grace in the Old Testament. Okay, let’s keep going.

Oh, em, gee, there’s a lot here! The word “heals” in Hebrew means: to mend (by stitching) figuratively, to cure and out of the 70-something times this word is in the Old Testament, the healing is by a physician or The Physician!

Oh, I love this next one: Thoroughly make whole! It also means “a restoring to normal – whatever normal is 🙂 — and “an act that God typically performs”!

So this is not just a healing that our earthly physicians do, but this is also referring to the type of healing that only God can do!

The Hebrew concordance goes on to explain the types of healing(s) that He performs: “Not only are human diseases healed but bad water is restored to normal, or healed (2nd Kings 2:22) Salt water is healed or made fresh (Ezekial 47:8) even pottery is healed or restored – STOP – how many scriptures are there that refer to us as the clay? Hmm, that’s just a thought.

Nations are healed – oh, are we in dire need of that one! Only trouble is that this type of healing involves His grace and forgiveness, but also the nation’s repentance! (See Hosea 6:1 and Jeremiah 30:17) “Divine discipline leads to repentance and healing”!

Ooh, there’s another explanation that will surely raise the hair on your arms: “False prophets are condemned because they deal only with the symptoms and not with the deep spiritual hurts of the people”!

Keep in mind that “prophets” are not just Old Testament people. A prophet in our world today simply means a person regarded as an inspired teacher or one who proclaims the will of God. That just tickles me with validation and excitement all the way down to my toes. God desires to heal our physical, emotional and spiritual wounds!

Oh, Coffee Hour friend, what wound do you need to lift up to Him today and allow Him to heal? Think about that and join me tomorrow for some more digging!

With a mending heart,

kim L


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