Monthly WOW (2) From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power, and welcome back to our Monthly WOW about humility. Are you bundled up in your clothes of humility? Grab your coffee and come on in.

So the first part of this verse tells us that we must humble ourselves and then He will exalt us in due time. Let me see if I can make this a bit clearer than mud. It begins with a desire to be humble – I just thought of something. This is where the 3 Ds come in, desire, discipline, and determination. So we must first desire to be humble, and even that can be prayed for. He knows our hearts and when we are not perched on our perch of pride, humility has a better chance of wrapping its warmth around us like a warm coat.

You may be asking, why do I want to be humble? Well, there’s not enough time to give you all the specific instructions in the Bible about being humble and clothing yourself in humility, so let me just sum it up and say, the greatest example of humility is Jesus Christ and to be a Christian, you must bear some resemblance to our Christ. This is actually one of my resolutions this year, to be more Christ-like; therefore, I must humble myself. Did you know that the words humble, humbled and humility are in the Bible more than 75 times? I’m thinking that the repetition is for a reason!

But we actually need to look at the rest of the verse to understand why Peter is saying we must humble ourselves, so let’s look at the words that bridge our job to His job, which are: “under the mighty hand of God.” There is a lot of stuff in that phrase, so let’s start by giving you a visual.

Look at your left hand, palm side up. For this analogy, your hand is the five-fold ministry within the Bride of Christ, the church. First there’s the thumb, which is the apostle who was sent to establish. Have you ever tried to pick something up without your thumb? It’s quite awkward. Then there’s your index finger, which represents the prophet who points the way. Have you ever been asked for directions and found you were pointing down the street or pointing in the direction they needed to go? The longest finger is analogous to the evangelist who reaches farther territory and goes the distance out. Then there’s the ring finger, which represents the Pastor because the Pastor has a special heart and should have a love that never ends for his sheep. Then finally there’s the pinkie which represents the teacher and is in no way least among them for the teacher completes and brings balance. Every finger/position can touch the teacher/pinkie finger. Go ahead and try it!

Now here’s the amazing thing about this visual. Keep your hand out and bring the called-for fingers together as you read this. Every teacher (pinkie) is not a pastor (ring), but every pastor ought to be a teacher. Every evangelist (longest) is not a pastor (ring), but every pastor should be an evangelist. Do you see how easy they are to go together, or not!

The prophet (index) and the teacher (pinkie) don’t line up but they protect the evangelist and pastor for they are on the outside. Now, every evangelist is not a prophet, but a prophet should have the ability to evangelize. Do you notice that the apostle (thumb) can touch every one of them? This five-fold ministry is for the perfecting of the saints (all of us who are in Christ Jesus) for the ministry. So that’s a huge piece of the puzzle in humbling ourselves “under the mighty hand of God.”

Thanks for joining me for coffee hour, and I hope this is helping to explain this month’s WOW.



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3 Responses to “Monthly WOW (2) From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    Oh Kimmie, such a wonderful visual with so much insight and meaning, spiritual and physical. Your 3-D’s are working like a well tuned ear to hear and learn.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Love, Nanny-Mom

  2. MaryAnne says:

    Hey……that’s some good stuff! Keep it coming!!!

  3. admin says:

    Thanks, g.f…… You know where I get it from!
    Love you