My New Year’s Prayer From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

It’s hard to believe we are starting another year together. Time seems to fly faster as we get older. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I began Coffee Hour? That Chicklit Power Ministries began? As we begin this New Year, I can’t help but reflect on the prior one and do a bit of inventory. How else can I prevent myself from making the same mistakes? Gain victory over struggles? Appreciate the journey? To reflect is to marvel at His hand in my life, and not just the distant or recent past, but my present and my future. As I do this, the words overflow out of my heart, through my fingers and onto the keyboard, and thus out to you. Here is my New Years’ prayer for you and for me:

As this year begins, Father, be my beginning and my end

Entwine my heart with yours and be my very best friend

May my life be an act of worship speaking louder than my words

A fragrance more pleasing than the sweetest of all created herbs

Help me begin each day lingering in your presence

Worship you more and more, letting go of resentments

Help me not to get lost and drown in any and all sorrow

For your Word promises you will bring joy in my tomorrow

Help me seek your Word for answers and your unfailing advice

When I’m lost and wandering in problems rising to great heights

Help me keep an eternal perspective despite adversity

And to remember any trial I endure is only temporary

Preparing me for greater things is your refining fire

May an eternity with You be my consuming desire

Help me not be directed by pride, but seek true humility

Knowing I am nothing without You residing within me

May I continue to remember I don’t need to know it all

For You don’t call the qualified but you qualify those you call

When physical or emotional pain threaten to rob me spiritually

Pick me up and hold me, mind body and soul completely

Help me just be still, and soak up all life’s precious moments

And help me, Abba Father to not be guided by my emotions

Father, I have one more wish as we begin another year together

Help me to love the gift of my husband that honors you a lot better

For when I get there we won’t talk about what he did or didn’t do

But about how I loved and cared for him through the power of You

Yes, Father, You began a great work in me a long time ago

And I’m thankful for your grace that helps me to know

That as another year begins, I need to remain teachable

For you will carry me beyond anything unreachable

Oh Abba, help me to remain on the wheel each day

For you are the Potter, and I long to be the clay

Mold me and make me more into the likeness of you

So others will see you in each and everything I do


I pray this for me and for you… Now let’s get seat-belted in for the ride through 2013! Join me tomorrow for our first WOW of the year!


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