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Coffee Hour!

Thanks so much for joining me today for a little break and some heart-revealing moments in this series. Grab your coffee and let’s get back to where we left off, making room for little Bryden and really making our home his home.

That first week is somewhat of a blur. When I looked through my journal for those first few days, there were many entries of praise for the way He was teaching me to handle conflict with Bryce. I do remember realizing that in addition to Bryce not being a fan of communication, he was also very new at parenting. Watching him allow some of the things he was allowing from and by little Bryden was like standing in front of a railroad track that represented years to come and watching the train get closer and closer as the problems got bigger and bigger and being able to do nothing to stop the train.

The biggest dilemma in those first weeks was trying to learn where my role as Nana stopped and my role as a mamma figure began, not that I was then or am now trying to replace his mom, but let’s be honest; he needs the nurturing that moms are supposed to give. But – and yes, there’s a “but” – the love Bryce so freely gave and demonstrated with little Bryden squeezed my heart with so much hope.

Giddy-up Nannay

Giddy-up Nanna

That open display of his love for his son began to melt, ever so slowly, the hard edges around the place in my heart where I had hidden my thoughts and feelings that had been piling up over the last almost eleven months, ever since Bryce had returned home.

So as I began to make room for Bryden in my home, I began to make room in my heart as well for this little person and I realized that he was and is not just an added responsibility, someone who is interrupting my life, as I knew it, but someone God was going to use to change my life forever.

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