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Coffee Hour!

Thanks so much for joining me today for a little break! Whether I landed in your email box or you came to Chicklit Power, I so appreciate you taking the time to hang out for a few minutes and allow me to share my heart through this series. Grab your coffee and come on in.

So as I rewind back to those first few weeks, all sorts of emotions collide, but several truths are now coming to the surface, and on the wings of those truths is an understanding that is bringing beauty to one of the most painful seasons in my life. See, when little Bryden came to live with us, all I could think about was how in the world was I going to fit him into my already packed life?

I was beyond exasperated and puzzled at the same time. Aren’t grandchildren to spoil and send back to their parents? Why in the world are you allowing this? I wondered constantly. Don’t I have enough to do?  What about the ministry, and writing? I argued. I wondered what I was doing wrong, or what I needed to do better. Let’s be honest, or at least I will be: When your kids grow up, and they have their own family, you want to spend time with them, create special memories with them, but to live with them . . . And what about that scripture that directs them to leave and cleave?

I wanted all these answers and more, but what I kept getting were reminders of who was and is really in control and those reminders came through scriptures, through my closest friends and yes, He also used CPM to pull me in off the ledge several times when I wanted to just jump, up to heaven of course! 🙂

The way the childcare issue worked out was nothing short of a miracle and I thank Him constantly for the gift of Shuzanne – as Bryden calls her when he’s not calling her mommy – and Donald, her husband. They have a little boy, almost four, and a little girl, almost two, and the three of them hit it off amazingly well. They are all BFFs, fighting one minute, and holding hands the next! 🙂 What a lifesaver they were and continue to be!

It wasn’t long before there was a conflict – surprise, surprise – and it had to do with Bryden’s mom who from our perspective, was using little Bryden to get back into Bryce’s budget and into our home, so we were encouraging him to get the custody established, letting him know that we would help him. For reasons that were not easily recognizable, he disregarded our advice, but through the Grace of God, I realized, and Bryce confirmed this, that because he didn’t have his mom growing up, he didn’t want Bryden to go through that.Day three in his new home with his new toy, Amos!

What he wasn’t considering was the cost. I was able to communicate to him that I understood why he wanted her to be involved in Bryden’s life and explained that we weren’t trying to participate in keeping her from him but because of past history, there needed to be some sort of safety net in place because she was not showing signs of being able to take care of him on her own. He disagreed, letting me know he felt she was able to be alone with him.

Instead of getting mad, I remember leaving it like that, agreeing to disagree; after all, Bryden is his child, not ours!

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