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Coffee Hour!

Thanks for stopping by Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power for a little coffee break. I love knowing there is you to share this series with! Grab your coffee and come on in. We are still in the role-establishing and boundary-setting phase with little Bryden.

It was easy to discipline Bryden when his dad wasn’t there, but when he came home, George and I both were a little unsure of when to step in and when to back off. What was incredibly hard was the morphing that happened as soon as Bryden saw his daddy! It was literally like watching someone morph into someone else! Before his dad would get home, we would be doing anything from playing with him outside, or putting dishes away – yup, he would unload the dishes and hand them to George or me. He was such a good helper. As soon as his daddy came home, he turned into this whiny monster! Really? 🙂 🙁 🙂 Where did our sweet little helper go?

But Bryce was oblivious to it. All he knew is he was home from work and he had someone to come home to! We sometimes bit our tongue, not saying anything, and sometimes the morph was so powerful we couldn’t help but exclaim and wonder out loud. But Bryce didn’t understand. So for a while we left that alone.

My mornings with him were getting easier and we had sort of a routine going. When he first got up, I’d change him and get him dressed for the day. Then we would go downstairs one of two ways, his choice. If he said, “Back,” I’d sit down on the first step and let him climb aboard. If he said, “Holds,” then I’d pick him up and down we’d go.

Then I’d put him in his chair – he has a spot that’s all his – and his pleas to eat would send me scurrying as I prepared his bowl of cereal. After the first couple of weeks, the little baby bowl had to go. This kid needed a big bowl of cereal because he almost always woke up hungry!

Bryden with his bigger, better bowl!

While he ate, I’d sneak a couple of chores in, like working on a transcript as I sat right across him, or going into my office to at least start reading some of my emails. The sound of his little “Uh-oh,” or “More cereal,” or “Mess” would pull me from my chair and I would come back to him to see what he needed. His Auntie Bre taught him that when he makes a mess at the dinner table, he needs to at least try to clean it up! 🙂

After breakfast, then it was Mickey Mouse time. I’m smiling to myself as I remember how I had to call Jocelyn, my assistant, and ask her what channel to put the T.V. on! It had been years since I had done this! We made a little cheat-sheet of the few channels that were appropriate for him to watch, and channel 65 was it for the morning times. OMG, have you ever watched Cartoon Network? Really? That’s just cartoons for adults with issues!

Seriously, are people really letting their kids watch the stuff that comes out of that channel? I mean, I’ll confess, the T.V. can definitely be a help to entertain your child, but it’s not meant to be a long-time baby-sitter!

Okay, I’ll get off my soap box now. Please come back tomorrow for more of the lessons we’ve learned in discovering our role in little Bryden’s life as well as Bryce’s life!



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