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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

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Welcome to Power Friday at Chicklit Power! This will be the last “Power Friday” for a while as my son’s blog, “Jeff’s Java Hour” will move to Friday beginning next week. It’s exciting to see how the Lord is providing and increasing our territory to reach more through transparency from our heart to yours! Grab your coffee and come on in.

I’ve formed so many special relationships from and in the trenches with others who want to right what’s wrong in their relationships and within themselves. It has been life changing to say the least. I find myself on the phone more, or in one-on-one little meetings in order to encourage those trench class friends.

One day, while in the midst of a conversation with a sweet friend struggling in her marriage, she kept exiting her emotional lane, and her car and going on over to her husband’s, sharing with me all that he’s doing wrong, justifying her anger towards him. Talk about an emotional wreck! 🙂

I shared the valuable truth with her that when she gets there in front of her First Husband, He’s not going to talk with her about what he did to her, but how she handled what he did! It was after that truth that this one followed:

Our actions defend what’s right; our mouths defend who’s right!

Oh that our actions would speak quietly the love and grace given to us that we may extend it to others!
Love and hugs,

kim L


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