Power Friday-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Thanks for joining me for Power Friday! Grab your coffee and come on in.

I was refreshing my memory with some things about co-dependency in my Co-dependency for Dummies book and I saw something that has answered a question I’ve kept in my heart since we started our Blog Talk Radio series on this very viral infection that is running rampant in our society. The question that lay buried was about the very definition of co-dependency and how it relates to my/our relationship with Christ. My question or thought has been, Can’t I just transfer my co-dependent tendencies to Christ and if so, then it’s okay to be co-dependent on Him, right?

Finally, I have my answer so today’s power thought will hopefully give you some new insight as well. I found my answer in the definition for this viral infection which states: “Co-dependents are by definition ‘dependent’ on something or someone outside of themselves”!

Bingo; there’s the answer in that one little word, outside! See, when we accept Christ as our Savior, He comes into our heart and begins our breaking free process so therefore, He is not someone or something outside of ourselves; however, emotionally and spiritually speaking, it’s absolutely necessary to be dependent on Him for our well-being!

Hope that was clearer than mud!

Have an awesome weekend. It’s the last one of the year!


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