Power Friday!

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Thanks for joining me for a little coffee break and another Power Friday at Chicklit Power! Grab your coffee and come on in.

Incidentally we will have our monthly WOW for February on Monday! Where in the heck did January go?

I am still overwhelmed, and sometimes discouraged, at how much of this viral infection of codependency still resides in me! It’s His love and grace that keeps me going, and then knowing there is you to share the lessons with also acts like a heart on your foot at my behind to keep me walking towards freedom from this disease!

Last week, my infection spread on Facebook. Talk about viral! Ugh! So a friend of mine posted a comment about a reminder that very few people are trustworthy, and as soon as I saw that, a few faces came to mind and without thinking, pausing, praying, I put “Can I get an AMEN!” The next morning, I received a few notifications regarding this post and apparently, there was a little Facebook bonfire happening around that post! I had no idea that it had turned into a bit of a combative commentary. There staring me bold in the face was a comment that I KNEW was directed to me from someone who obviously not only took issue with what I said but has issues with me as well. Conviction began to dance in my mind and did the two-step down to my heart! That’s where this power thought comes from:

You’ve got to own it before you disown it.

I knew that the attitude that I posted that comment “Can I get an Amen?” was not Christ-like so I owned it, asked for forgiveness from Abba and then did a private message to the person I had offended. I didn’t make excuses for my behavior; I just owned it so I could disown it! I think this power thought could actually be a series! 🙂

See before we can change our behavior, we have to own it, come to recognize it so the next time we have a better chance to change it.

Make it a great weekend


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