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Welcome to Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power. I’m so blessed that you could join me today for this very important message, my Press Release 🙂 Grab your coffee and come on in. I’m so excited I’m about to jump out of my skin!

Come on in and share a cup of encouragement and some giggles, too.

Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power” will help you unpack the junk in your trunk and lighten the load the load in your life’s journey. Just “A Cup of Encouragement for the Day” will provide the reader with an inspirational road map for life’s adventure. Adventure is defined as: “a risky undertaking and/or an exciting experience.” You will find both in this interactive book of blogs which will challenge you and inspire you.

YUCAIPA, CALIFORNIA, February 14, 2011: Evinda Lepins has taken the lessons – some of them harsh, indeed – of a lifetime, scanned them with her sharp intelligence, and shone the pure light of faith upon them for your meditation. Based on true life issues – Friends & Friendships, Suffering, Loving the Unlovable, Keeping Love Alive, and even Menopause — this book is like having a conversational road map that will help you turn those impossibilities into possibilities and have you on your own route to Destination? Joyful! A must read for every woman!

“Lepins helps you find your own way to honesty, righteousness, courage and love. She takes a number of everyday situations and presents you and me with her crystal clear thoughts, all presented in a ‘Coffee Hour’ style that is a joy to read.”

Evinda Lepins is a part-time freelance court reporter, an author and motivational speaker. Her own life’s experiences coupled with the gift of grace have been her inspiration for speaking and writing since sorting through and removing the junk from her own trunk that initially had the power to destroy her life.

She is the author of “The Men In and Out of Her Life,” the first of the “Destination? Joyful!” trilogy. She and her co-host Steve Atkinson, MA, have a weekly Blog Talk Radio show entitled, “Destination? Joyful! Unpacking the Junk, One Piece at a Time,” geared to helping others recognize and unpack that junk.

Lepins also sponsors workshops that provide tools for living life to its fullest and still actively posts blogs Monday through Friday while working on the second book of the trilogy, “Seen and Not Heard.”


Evinda Lepins

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Phone: (951) 797-8713.

So that’s it; the book is now available through Infinity Publishing and will be available through Barnes and Nobel, Borders, and others within a few weeks. We’ll have the links up on the website as soon as we get them.  I’m so blessed to have you in this journey with me. If you haven’t signed my guestbook on the home page to get my publication updates, please take a moment to do so now and then confirm it through the email that you’ll receive within seconds. I have a great feeling about this book; I truly feel like it’s going to push the other one, “The Men In and Out of Her Life,” right into a contract with an agent…



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3 Responses to “Press Release! :) ! From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Gay says:

    Excited for you my friend….

    What happened to the first book?

    Love, Gay

  2. Alkhawar says:

    Thanks Dear for posting such a great post.

  3. Jan Bachelor says:

    Praise Our Lord who works such awesome works in lives. SOOOOOOOO proud of you!!!
    Love, Nanny-Mom