September WOW -2 at Coffee Hour@ Chicklit Power!

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and welcome back to September’s WOW. I’m so sorry we couldn’t finish it yesterday, but thankfully, my migraine is gone! Grab your coffee and come on in. There’s so much more to talk about regarding these words of wisdom.

You know, it’s kind of funny – He really does have a sense of humor – because inevitably when I dig in His word, I am rewarded with precious discoveries and better understanding. And to make sure I understand it, He always seems to allow an event or circumstance in my life to make it come even more alive within me. Truly, I have to say that this verse is giving me so much more comfort in and through some recent painful times. Oh, how I wish I could explain how precious, powerful and important His word is for your well being. I’m telling you, it is like a blanket to wrap around you and keep you warm and safe from the storms of life.

And I can’t even explain the excitement when you get to share it with others. Just hours after posting yesterday’s blog, I was given an opportunity to share what I learned about the term “heavy laden” with someone incredibly special, my son. We talked yesterday for quite sometime and I could tell that his vertical relationship was struggling. I know my son well enough to know that when that’s lacking, he winds up beating himself up and getting further and further away all because of unrealistic expectations mostly from himself. He didn’t need me to overburden him with how I think he should be handling his current situation, but I just encouraged him with the definition of heavy laden, reminding him that when we get too overwhelmed and we stay undernourished spiritually, there is no rest. I wish you could have heard how his spirit suddenly lifted and how His Word rekindled the flame inside of him. I’m so thankful for that Godstop!

If you can believe it, there’s still more that we didn’t cover in verse 28 yesterday. What we didn’t talk about is the “rest” that He promises us when we come to Him. He specifically says, “I will give you rest.” In other words, those of us who tend to look to other things or other persons in order to avoid our heavy load, or we self-medicate to ignore feeling heavy laden, or we constantly try to please people and not break any of the rules, we will not find the kind of rest that can be found only in and through Him.

Let me share what the Greek definition for “rest” is, but before I do that, let me just say that the “rest” in verse 29, which we’ll get to next week, is different from the “rest” in verse 28! Talk about digging for diamonds. I had no idea we’d find so many. Whew. Okay, so “rest” translates as “anapauo” and “anapauo” signifies to give intermission from labor, to give rest, to refresh so to recover strength. It implies previous toil and care.

So if you are heavy laden, spiritually anxious, overburdened, I pray that this will refresh your being. Anapauo to you, friend.



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