The Adulterous Woman-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Thanks for joining me today and hanging in there even though we still haven’t met The Adulterous Woman. I promise; we are getting close. It’s just so important that we have as many of the puzzle pieces that will illuminate understanding on her entrance and upon herself as well! Grab your coffee and come on in.

So we are still in this detour about being “deceived” something that the Pharisees accused the officers of being, all because they dared to voice the questions overflowing from their pierced hearts after hearing Jesus cry out in the crowd. And the reason we are doing so much digging on this is because haven’t we come across so many in our lives who we deem to be deceived, even those who claim to believe in Him? Haven’t we ourselves been deceived one time or another? In addition to needing answers about this, I believe that this detour will help us when we finally meet The Adulterous Woman.

Let’s go right to the definition which pertains to the text we are reading from, which will be from the Greek concordance since it is in the New Testament and then if He leads us to do so, we’ll return for a few Hebrew translations.

Oh my, so the Greek word is “planao” and its root word is plane. Hmm, we fly away in a plane… Interesting. Let’s see what this translates to: “to roam (from safety, truth, or virtue)” – 24 times this word with “er” ending refers to Satan, the deceiver! – “to go astray, seduce, wander.

In the passive form: “to deceive by leading into error, to seduce.” Hmm, “seduce” casts a bit of light on this subject.

Oh, this is interesting: “often it has the sense of deceiving oneself.” Now that’s about as clear as mud. Let me read a bit further to see if I can get any clarity for us.

A straying from orthodoxy or piety, literally, ‘plane’ means a wandering whereby those who are led astray roam hither and thither and is always used of mental straying; wrong opinion, an error in morals or religion. It is akin to a forsaking of the right path.”

Oh, here’s another interesting fact: “In Scripture, doctrine and morals are never divided by any sharp line.” So I’m thinking that that means one finds morals or is moral when abiding in doctrine? Or to search the doctrine is a search of morality?Are they interchangeable?

Oh here’s a powerful statement: Errors in doctrine are usually the effect of relaxed morality.

Wow, what a lot to think about. It’s going to be interesting to put all of these pieces together that will give us a better understanding of how and why the Pharisees were deceived which will also open the door to finally meeting The Adulterous Woman.

Not deceived,



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    Hmmmmmmmmmm, pondering. Selah (pausing and reflecting)