The Adulterous Woman From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Thanks so much for coming to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power, which is another way of saying, this is for chicks! Speaking about chicks, we are about to meat the main one from this series so let’s get back to the crowd assembled inside and outside the Temple, and Jesus’ outburst!

When Jesus stood up and cried out to anyone thirsty, and then invited them to come to Him to drink, He wasn’t talking about bottled water! No, these words alluded to the theme of many prophetic passages that talk about the Messiah’s life-giving blessing of the Holy Spirit to all who believed. In other words, He was standing and crying out His claim to be “The” Messiah because this gift of the Holy Spirit to all who believed was something only He could do.

In His next breadth, He affirms those who believe in Him, out of their heart will flow rivers of living water. Earlier in His ministry, Jesus referred to living water as eternal life, but here He is referring to the Holy Spirit. I love the order here: First eternal life then the Holy Spirit!

Well, can you imagine the crowd after hearing this proclamation? Seriously, I can’t help but wonder if there was a quiet hush at first, like this real pregnant pause, and then all sorts of pandemonium as opinions started flying around as if being crowd-surfed, and then the questions followed close behind.

For many people that day, this final day of the feast, this was their awakening, the day that the veil was torn from the eyes of their heart and they exclaimed that this is the Prophet, The Christ. Yet for others, this outburst raised more questions, and they weren’t quite convinced, mainly because He was from Nazareth, not Bethlehem, or so they thought. But actually, they hadn’t done their homework. They had merely listened to others who spoke their opinions of where He came from.

Had they researched a bit more diligently, they would have discovered He was born in Bethlehem; He just grew up in Nazareth so there was a division among them because of Him. STOP! But just for a minute. It’s an important little detour. How often do we jump to the wrong conclusion because someone has steered us that way? I know I’ve fallen for the wrong information more than once and it’s not a good feeling. Call it being naively gullible or just unlearned, but when it comes to God’s Word, His truths, make sure whatever you hear, or read, including from me, lines up with Scripture!

I’ll let you go for now, but please know, we are getting so very close to meeting The Adulterous Woman. She could be someone in this huge crowd. Join me Monday for more.



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