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Coffee Hour!

Thanks so very much for joining me for more of this poignant series, Think Like a Sheep. I hope you are enjoying it and that it is not only warming your heart, but bringing to reality the love of our Shepherd. Grab your coffee and come on in. I think we were finishing up the powerful restoration of our souls.

The Hebrew definition for “restore” is “to turn back, to return; to recover. This definition is significant in these words, “He restores my soul.” David knew the restoration power of his Shepherd. Why? Because he wandered away many times, and each time, the Shepherd made it possible for him to return, to turn back. And not only did the Shepherd return him to his original place before the wandering off occurred, He also restored what the evil one had stolen!

Do you realize how relevant that truth is for us? He is the only one that can turn our disasters into happily-ever-afters! Only the Shepherd has the power to take what was intended for evil and weave it into the journey for something heavenly. It is only through the Shepherd that we can have peace in chaos. Oh, my heart is overwhelmed with this truth but let’s return to this psalm.

Throughout the centuries, millions, and you and I are one of those millions, have testified that in the midst of uncertainty, they have received guidance from God. David had many such times where he sought the Shepherd for guidance, especially considering all the roles he played: shepherd, farmer, soldier, king and politician. We may not wear as many hats as he wore, but I guarantee you that as women, we definitely come close. We need His guidance; we need to be asking the Shepherd which way to turn in our responsibilities.

Because David had a relationship with his Shepherd, he could say with utmost certainty that “He leads me in the path of righteousness.”

happy sheep

But what does that “path of righteousness look like? To add more depth to this, let’s take a peek at a snapshot of the terrain in the East, of which there are many paths; some etched in by the footprints of travelers, others created by the winds, as well as some carved out by robbers with the intent of leading unsuspecting travelers, and shepherds, astray so as to plunder their goods and/or their flocks.

Often our paths are marked with footprints of failure, fear, confusion not only from others who have gone before us, but often times, the footprints are our own, reminding us of mistakes of the past, threatening to lead us into the same mistakes if we don’t cling to our Shepherd for His leading to those paths of righteousness.

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