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Coffee Hour!

Thanks so much for joining me today for a little break from it all. Come on in for what I hope will be some sweet time to encourage you in whatever type of pasture you may find yourself in these days. 🙂

I am absolutely loving the grazing out here in this green pasture with you and like I said, I’m feeling a sort of kindred spirit with David as I grasp this profound truth in verse 2. Let me share what I mean.

happy sheep

See, I have experienced such a time where He made me to lie down. It seems like yesterday that He let me know He was taking me off of work, and after much wrestling, and then surrendering, while on my way into the courthouse, I heard these words: “He makes you to lie down.” I stopped so abruptly, I about left my court reporting machine behind. It was like a little reminder and a confirmation all at the same time. The next day I was in the H.R. office, my hand so swollen I couldn’t hold a pen to sign my name.

Oh, and the morning after, despite hearing that audible voice, despite all the confirmations, I fought it; argued with Him that I was a court reporter. I was a stubborn sheep, but in the months that followed, His response was no less loving than David describes in this Psalm, for He led me into green pastures and still waters, changing the direction of my life, leading me to writing and sharing with you! What a sweet time, a time where I truly became one of His sheep, thinking like a sheep, depending on my Shepherd, not just wearing sheep’s clothing! 🙂

Oops, sorry about that. I didn’t mean to take that little detour. It’s just I so love sharing the reality of His loving ways when the opportunity comes up, and that was a great one! Okay, so back to David! 🙂

David had experience with those times of forced rest and had come to appreciate those times of green pastures. Often those “green pastures” were not the illustration painted by the words, calming and peaceful. But because his Shepherd had led him there, had made him to lie down, the rest received became a gift of love in the eyes of a sheep and from the perspective of a Shepherd.

There are many “sheep” in the Bible who were great examples of sheep who knew their Shepherd. For example, Peter. He was one of the Apostles of Jesus and was persecuted by order of King Herod and thrown into prison. He had plenty of thinking time while sitting there in prison. He knew that a possible punishment would or could be death from the executioner’s sword, yet, Peter slept! Yes, there is an abundance of metaphorical meaning for a “green pasture,” meaning it doesn’t always look like we think, but we must stay on the journey.

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I’ve kept you out here long enough, but before we go, take some time to think of those difficult seasons, or circumstances that looking back, turned out to be some sort of green pasture or stilled waters because of all you learned while walking through it. We’ll pick up with more grazing next week but come back tomorrow for “Power Friday”! 🙂



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