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Coffee Hour!

Thanks so much for joining me for more grazing through the 23rd Psalm. I hope you are enjoying it at least half as much as I am enjoying sharing through writing for you. Grab your coffee and come on in.

We left off with clarifying that sometimes our “green pastures” can even seem like a prison; that is until you get to the other side and head for “stilled waters.”

Before moving on to verse 3, let’s explore some more historical facts about the sheep. Sheep have a deathly fear of moving water, no matter how thirsty they are, and if they come to a moving stream, they will not drink! Their fear keeps them thirsting. STOP!

happy sheep

First of all, I don’t know about you, but I sure didn’t know that sheep were afraid of moving water. I know I tend to be fearful of moving water, too! 🙂 But what’s crazy is just like fear keeps a sheep from satisfying his/her thirst, doesn’t fear keep us from many things as well? We could so go off to an entirely different blog series, but let’s stay on track. Of course, I do encourage you to ponder that today; what is fear keeping you from?

Anyway, this part of the 23rd Psalm, “He leads me beside the still waters” is significant in a Shepherd/sheep relationship and shows yet again the compassion and tenderness of the Shepherd for His sheep.

A shepherd will go after his sheep time and time again to restore it to the flock. Oh, I know my/our Shepherd has pursued me time and time again! 🙂 Some sheep have to learn the hard way not to wander and only learn after the shepherd breaks one of their limbs and forces the sheep to lie beside the shepherd. Though this sounds cruel, again, this is an act of love to keep the sheep safe.

I can definitely think of some times that the Shepherd has broken something in me to restore me more into His likeness, and now I know that I know that I know it was out of love for my good and HIS glory! Let’s get back to David! 🙂

David, at times, was a hard-headed sheep, and it wasn’t until he realized that his Shepherd was aware of his sin that he repented with a Godly sorrow, penning one of the most beautiful expressions of confession and sorrow (NKJV Psalm 51) Like a sheep who had his limb broken, David felt the consequences of his sin in the death of his baby conceived through an affair, and the disintegration of his family as even his sons rebelled against him, trying to steal his throne.

I better let you go for now but let me leave you with this truth: Even when we, like sheep, have to learn something the hard way, our Shepherd’s love for us never changes PLUS He uses our lessons as beautiful splashes of color in the tapestry of our life that He continues to paint until we see Him again!

A thankful sheep of His,



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