Tuesday’s Trench Truth

Two wrongs never = a right or wrong + wrong never = right!

Church bashing… it’s become even easier to do, especially on social media
platforms, but how do we respond when we see comments on the various
platforms that are riddled with negativity and resentment?
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I was scrolling through my feed the other day and the eyes of my heart caught a
post that was written by someone who obviously had some resentment towards a
certain church. I read through the comments, most of them encouraging this
person didn’t need to go to church, others empathizing with her sharing their
“bad” experiences with church.
Now, I know it wasn’t her motive to do harm to the “Church,” and that’s the
deposit I started with. I then went on to validate her “feelings” which are rooted
in a lot of her own unresolved stuff and suggested she go straight to the person or
persons who had apparently offended her; that perhaps that would be a more
direct route towards resolution instead of using a social media platform, which
would only serve to taint the reputation of all churches even worse.
When Jesus confronted others with their “sin,” He didn’t get on Twitter,
Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Linkdin…or any other public platform. He did it
one on one, like the “ho” at the well! He showed love and respect while pointing
out her sin, not attacking her character. See, the more people we involve in the
conflict, the bigger the conflict becomes.

When confronted with a conflict, friend, why not take the direct route to conflict



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