Wednesday’s Word from Coffee Hour @Chicklit Power


Welcome to Coffee Hour @Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour @Chicklit Power

Welcome to our Wednesday’s Word, our midweek series. Grab your coffee and come on in for a quick break.

This power thought definitely stems from my process of breaking free from the viral infection of codependency, which has been like a tree with countless branches. Have you ever seen a tree so large that when you looked up into it, you couldn’t see the sky for all its branches? Well, that’s kind of like what breaking free from this infection that destroys relationships is like.

I’ve been working steadily at it since November of last year, and our Blog Talk Radio show that we do every Monday at 1:00 Pacific time is keeping me accountable in the process.

I am thrilled about the freedom I am experiencing as I stay in the process, treating one symptom at a time and eventually chopping a branch down, and then another and another. Intermittently I can see and the sky is beautiful and so are the stars. I get glimpses through breakthroughs, but they wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t stay in the moments.

We can only experience breakthroughs if we are actively staying in the moments!

May you experience many moments that bring powerful life-changing breakthroughs.


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