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Enjoy our Independence Day! From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Monday, July 4th, 2011

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks for coming by! This is such an important holiday that we are all enjoying the freedom to celebrate, but if I had put the word “Independence” instead of “freedom,'” it might not have sounded the same! Grab your coffee and come on in.

So more and more I hear and see this holiday acknowledged as simiply “The 4th of July,” and to many that’s no big deal, but to those of us who have children, and even children with children, I can’t help but take a moment to say that I think a lot of history is being forgotten in so many forms of socialization. To many, it’s an extra day off of work, a day to party some more. To many of us, it’s a time for another fun family get-together and/or a barbecue. Don’t get me wrong: I love a fun time, and making new memories with the fam’. I just don’t want to forget why we celebrate this day.

The definition of independence is not dependent upon, so let’s look up independent, which according to Webster’s means:   “not subject to control by others : self-governing  (2) : not affiliated with a larger controlling unit  b (1) : not requiring or relying on something else : not contingent <an independent conclusion> (2) : not looking to others for one’s opinions or for guidance in conduct. There is a lot of spiritual significance in these definitions as well as this special day and much symbolism within the flag. I truly am blessed for and by the many freedoms you and I enjoy day after day. It truly is a day to sparkle and shine! 🙂 

So whatever you do to celebrate Independence Day,

take a moment to stop and pray

to thank our Heavenly Father above

for our freedom found first in His love

Ask Him to protect those fighting for our country,

in far off places, from sea to shining sea

to help us be mindful of all that we can celebrate,

Oh, let us give thanks for and on this important date!