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The Night after the Bachelorette-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks for coming by for “The Night after the Bachelorette.” Grab your coffee and come on in. We’re about to go on the hometown dates with Ashley and the four guys, Ben, Constantine, Ames and JP, and it appears we have some concerned families.

It’s already the first commercial break and the only thing she’s said that is worth writing is that when you meet the families, it puts things on a whole different level. Okay, let’s get to the first hometown date with Constantine, who is a restaurant owner.

Oh, I can’t wait to meet his family. He took her to his restaurant and she was really impressed with the love all his staff showed him. He taught her how to make a pizza while his staff peeked around the corner totally checking her out. He’s actually very funny and Ashley picked up that he’s totally real and more comfortable in his own space. Constantine just said something rather profound: “That’s like the beauty of love is that you can only be open and ready for it. You can’t do anything to make it happen or force it to happen.” OMG, you should have seen his chefs and waiters and waitresses all looking through the glass window out onto the patio, straining their necks, a couple of them obviously on tippy-toes to see if he was going to kiss her and he didn’t disappoint them! 🙂

Now it’s time to meet his family. How cute; they have balloons hanging up with a “Welcome Home Constantine” sign. His sister, mother and father were so excited to see him. Dad recognizes his happiness right away. The love in the family is beautiful music and it inspires Ashley.

Mom initiated a one-on-one talk with Ashley and I love her insight. She wants her son to find the love of his life, but she feels that they need more time because of course, everything is wonderful when you’re jetted away to these awesome places and beautiful beaches, and life is wonderful, but real life is different! Can I get an AMEN!!! I like her! Now she wants to ask a mama question, which was legitimate. She wanted to know if this did go in that direction, would Ashley relocate to where they all were, and Ashley said without a doubt, she wouldn’t have a problem doing that, especially if it’s what he wants.

Now it’s time for father and son who reiterates that it takes time, but he gives his blessing if he feels that Ashley’s the one. Dad said to use his mom and him as an example. He talked about ups and downs, that it’s not going to be perfect, but in the beginning, it should be.

Ashley was obviously very comfortable and had no idea about the planned surprise just as they were going to get ready to leave the doorbell rings and his entire family shows up, grandmas, aunts, uncles, sister, cousins and then they did this dance. I could so get on with his family. “All the pieces of the puzzle are really put together for me and Constantine,” Ashley said. She really didn’t want to go. And Constantine’s dad, well he wished for them to have love forever.

Ahhh, Ames is so excited to see her and his family includes a sister and her husband, another sister and a brother and his wife and his nephews and nieces. Mom can see that Ashley has really caught Ames attention, and his sister Serena could see the spark but wonders if Ashley has it. So, she gets right to it and tells Ashley clearly he has feelings for you. It’s serious now. You’re meeting his family now, his nieces and nephews and I’m just curious, what are your feelings for Ames?

Ashley admits that their relationship has moved a lot slower than the others but she’s choosing him over the relationships that have moved faster because she sees so many good things in him.

Serena asks another tough question: are you comfortable when you guys are together? Is it easy or do you feel like you have to work toward things or do you guys just — does it come naturally?

She feels something for him; he’s different in a good way and she’s just not ready to stop learning about him.

His sister says, “He’s like an onion. You keep peeling layers and you’re going to find out more.” She then confirms that he’s the most loyal, honest person you’ll ever know and he’s a romantic. His sister says that Ames has brought other girlfriends home before but this time it’s different. “He’s smitten with you.”

All Ashley could say is she wants to know more.

When Mom and Ames talk, he really comes out with how much he admires how she’s handled things. We definitely have a different opinion on that one.

Okay, now back with his sister Serena. Ashley asked her to tell her a bit about Ames’s father who died when Ames was ten and then his step-dad passed away, too. So that gave Ashley another piece to this puzzle. Serena wasn’t convinced that Ashley’s spark was/is as bright as Ames. Oh, now Ashley is telling Ames’ mom that she thinks they’re both similar and yet, when Ames has said that, she looked a bit bemused. Bummer, she just admitted to still missing the spark, that romance and passion. Why is it we feel that has to come first?

Oops, his sister gave Ames a heads up about kicking up the romance, so he did just that and took her to this beautiful garden and under his favorite tree with a picnic lunch.

Oooh, I like what Ames says: You can have romantic through the ordinary. There’s so much more magic in the ordinary; life doesn’t have to be like fireworks. And then she reached over and he leaned in and kissed her. Then he took her on a horse-drawn carriage with some beautiful horses, the perfect ending to their hometown date, a storybook romance.

Now it’s time for Ben, Sonoma, California. This is the winemaker and he says it’s his turn to surprise her all day. They start at the winery, and he shows her many more facets to him and they share a sweet moment before they begin their picnic in the rain. Ben tells Ashley that he’s only brought one woman home to meet his mother, and he assures her that it’s a big deal to him. Ashley asked Ben to describe his dad: “A gentle giant, super happy with life, soft-spoken, didn’t say a lot but super, super happy about life. He would have liked you.” Ben admits that this process has put him in touch with a different side of himself, the emotional side and he likes it. I hope he’s able to say that no matter what happens. Ben makes it very clear that “my mom and sister have to like you, or it’s not going to work for me.” If things don’t go well, then it may be the end for me.” Wow, his vineyard is beautiful.

Ben’s sister breaks the ice by talking about Ben’s hair, and then admitted to being the one that signed him up for the Bachelorette. Julia says Ashley is sweet, but she’s skeptical so she brings Ben in the kitchen and they talk, heart to heart. Ben admits to being into it despite it being scary and exciting all at the same time. When his sister asked if he saw himself engaged at the end of this, she smiled when he responded that if things keep progressing the way that they are, he most definitely sees himself engaged. Wow, I sure hope he don’t get a broken heart. 🙂 🙁  🙂

Ben told his mom that he hasn’t said he loves her but he likes her a lot. He’s really grown through this process, and he talks about his dad that passed away, and mom tells him that she thinks dad would be proud of him. Ahh, Ben has tears in his eyes. What a sensitive heart. With tears running down his face, he admits to missing his dad. There really is a little boy inside each man.

Okay, so now it’s JP’s hometown and this is who I think she feels the most for. We’re in Long Island and JP’s so excited to have her all to himself and he didn’t sleep a wink all night. It’s raining so JP has a special plan for them and Ashley narrates that she doesn’t care if she walks with JP down the street for three hours. She just wants to be with him. That says a lot! They’re going roller skating and didn’t even get their skates on before kissing. She is the most genuine with him. She’s going to meet his mother, father, his brother Roy and his brother’s girlfriend. JP admits to taking only four girls home to meet his family. He also admits that he’s willing to risk getting hurt for a chance at love. Interesting concept, huh?

The welcome from the family was genuine and loving. Mom is concerned and has so many questions to ask. She is honest about not wanting to see her son’s heart hurt like it was hurt before. When she asked if he was in love, he couldn’t quite say it, but he is confident that she doesn’t share what they share with the other guys. Mom is still guarded and tells Ashley as much as she relives a season of broken-heartedness for JP and says she’s nervous because she sees love in JP’s eyes when he looks at her. Mom really puts her on the spot and Ashley doesn’t flinch at all, but in fact encouraged it. She fell in love with JP’s family and talking to Chris, she has no regrets. I think maybe Constantine and JP and Ben get to stay, but let’s see.

Ben is the first name she calls to give a rose to. JP is second. Boy, they’re milking it. Just say Constantine’s name and get it over with. Whew, she just did. Poor Ames, he’s completely shocked, but still he’s smiling. He breaks down a little bit, telling her how impressed he is with her, and that it was beautiful and even more poetic than he expected and that he will remember every second of it. What a truly nice, nice guy, another broken heart. Somebody please tell me what is the purpose in all of this?

Have a great day,



If I could have coffee with God . . .From Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Welcome to Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power and welcome back to this new series, “If I Could Have Coffee with God . . .” I’m so glad to know that I know that I know that He cares about all that concerns us. Let’s grab our coffee and go to that quiet and comfy place and thank Him for that truth. 🙂

I have so much to thank Him for that it’s hard to know where to go next. 🙂 Do I go back in time or – hmmm, let me talk about something that just recently happened and we’ll see where we wind up.

I think if I were to have coffee with Him again, I would thank Him for always speaking to me in my language. What I mean is He knows just how to get my attention, and in what way to speak so I’ll know that it was from Him. See, I don’t know about you, but many times I have to be hit over the head with a cast iron skillet kind of voice, so to speak, to get my thoughts to come to a halt and for Him to get my attention. Because I understand that about myself, I ask for specific signs from Him to let me know I’m on the right track, especially in this writing journey that has led to so many different tracks/directions that I have to stop quite a bit to let the noise go by and listen for directions.

I just have to thank Him for the signs He’s given me in the last few days that have spoken quietly louder than all the voices that tell me, in love and concern, of course, that I’m doing too many things and I need to slow down. Here’s one of those signs that was definitely from above! Last week, during a book signing, I was online checking my email and I received a notification that something about Evinda had been tagged on Facebook so I logged in to my account and sure enough, someone from Riverside whom I don’t know had posted a comment that said she was reading “Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power, A Cup of Encouragement for the Day” by Evinda Lepins and she was on day 2 of the friendship series! 🙂 I got so excited and I felt so renewed with purpose. I felt like giving God a high-five and sort of offered one up to Him mentally.

But then that same day, at the end of my book signing, something gave out in my low back and I looked like a crooked, walking pencil and I couldn’t stand up straight. The comments to slow down came faster than a tornado all around me and again, I looked up to ask Him what He had to say about it, since He allows all things, right?

The pain has almost overshadowed the joy of His answers to me, so I think I also need to apologize to our Father for minimizing and almost forgetting the countless times He has given me major diamonds of encouragement and direction in a way that I needed to hear so I wouldn’t give up. But He’s so very patient and forgiving because just a few days later, I was picking up my monthly supply of hormones and the pharmacist told me she had purchased my book and was really enjoying it! 🙂 I was so excited to receive another cup of encouragement for the road from Him.

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit to you that within hours, I was complaining of my pain and inability to do what I’m used to doing. I still wasn’t getting what He was trying to tell me. I guess the cast-iron skillet wasn’t big enough, that is until the day before yesterday when ever so quietly I heard “5:30.” It only took me a few minutes to realize what He was trying to say and I realized that all those voices telling me to slow down, well, they were partially right; I do need to slow down and practice what I blogged months ago about seeking Him for guidance for every task before I jump to the next task and not try to accomplish everything in one day. There’s no race entitled “Let’s see who can get the most done in a day for My Kingdom.”:)

So I guess if I were to have coffee with God, I wouldn’t need to ask Him why He allowed this back problem because I can see all kinds of good stuff that’s come from it. See, one of those loud voices was my husband and I finally realized that when he gets home, he doesn’t want to see me spinning and he would like some of that energy and attention for himself. So 5:30 is quitting time, and I’m sure there will be days that the hours need to be extended, but I’m trusting that He’ll let me know when that’s okay.

It’s so ironic how you can get so caught up in doing Kingdom work that you lose the right direction. Oh, how thankful I am for His traffic signals. 🙂

So in my coffee hour with God, I’d thank Him in as many ways as I could for the many ways He speaks to me, corrects me and loves me. And I’d also have to thank Him for the truth of His Word in Romans 8:28 that promises us that “ALL things work together for good to those who love God, for those who are called according to His purpose.” Take time to think about the ways in which He’s encouraged you in your journey.




Don’t Forget How You Came (4)-From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks for coming by and joining me for more in this series, “Don’t forget how you came to who you came.” This is the fourth blog in this series, so if it’s your first time, you may want to get caught up by reading the first three so you don’t feel as though you’re lost. Come on in.

So we’ve uncovered five characteristics about David that truly emulate Christ, and we could literally keep going for days, but I want to get back to where we were before we started talking about his characteristics so I can introduce you to someone very significant in the story, someone that will remind us to never forget how we came to who we came.

David has just asked one of his top guys if there was anyone left in the house of Saul and he was told about a servant named Ziba (that name means “a station.”Hmmm, some of these names . . .) and so David sent for him and asked him if there was any family left from the house of Saul. (Remember, Saul is the father of David’s BFF, and both of them were killed.) Ziba told him about Jonathan’s one remaining son named Mephibosheth!

I completely forgot about this guy. I got so caught up in many of the other details of David’s life that I totally forgot that David’s best friend’s son was still alive. I guess they were situated sort of far away, and maybe with all the killing going on, David wasn’t sure of who was still alive. So how cool is that, that his BFF’s son is still alive. David must have been so excited. I know I was when I read that, but I was in no way prepared to remember one of the most important details about Mephibosheth. Let me take you back to where we first actually meet him.

When Mephibosheth was just five years old, his dad, Jonathan, and his grandfather, Saul, were killed. There was like an all-out war going on and in the midst of it, Mephibosheth’s nurse picked him up and fled for safety. “And it happened, as she made haste to flee, that he fell and became lame.” This fall caused his life to change forever. In those days, in that culture, to be lame was to experience a constant companion of shame. That’s why his name was changed from Merib-Baal, which meant a leader, to Mephibosheth, which translates to dispeller of shame.

I’m hearing “detour, to the right.” 🙂 I don’t know about you, but this is one of those “Why, Lord” situations where you have to wonder how in the world can anything good come of this? What painful colors to splash on the canvas of his life, and yet, God never fails to work all things for our good and His glory. To get to this point takes a lot of “faithing” though. (Not a misspelling, but an Evinda-ism, and it rhymes with bathing) 🙂 I know I can look back on a lot of tragedies in my own life, many of them self-made, and during the tragedy, the battle was intensely painful, almost too hard to endure at times, and now, looking back, those colors add so much beauty to my own canvas, a life that reflects His hand, His love.

Come back tomorrow and we’ll get to know a bit more about Mephibosheth.



P.S. Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece, Anna! I love you 🙂

Just a Day Away! From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks for coming by. I’m a bit excited because we are only one day away from — Well, come on in and I’ll give you the scoop:)

So in just one more day, our workshop, Resolutions and Relationships, will go on. I am so excited about this event for several reasons: first and foremost, I absolutely love all that He’s given us to give all of you! It will be life-changing because we have a special guest coming — Our Father has promised to be there. He’s really looking forward to seeing you there.

Our venue is amazing and I’m so honored to be working with the wonderful staff at The River! Getting to see everyone will be exciting for me as well. Our worship band has been practicing and preparing and Steve and I have really been prayerfully preparing, as well as our team who have been working faithfully and tending to all the details.  And then finally, the last reason I’m REALLY excited is because it will be my first official book-signing! What an exciting time to share with you.  So in case you lost your flier, or you never got one, or you need the address, here you go; here’s the scoop. And don’t forget, the doors open at 7:45 so we can get you all in and settled before it starts!



Press Release! :) ! From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Welcome to Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power. I’m so blessed that you could join me today for this very important message, my Press Release 🙂 Grab your coffee and come on in. I’m so excited I’m about to jump out of my skin!

Come on in and share a cup of encouragement and some giggles, too.

Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power” will help you unpack the junk in your trunk and lighten the load the load in your life’s journey. Just “A Cup of Encouragement for the Day” will provide the reader with an inspirational road map for life’s adventure. Adventure is defined as: “a risky undertaking and/or an exciting experience.” You will find both in this interactive book of blogs which will challenge you and inspire you.

YUCAIPA, CALIFORNIA, February 14, 2011: Evinda Lepins has taken the lessons – some of them harsh, indeed – of a lifetime, scanned them with her sharp intelligence, and shone the pure light of faith upon them for your meditation. Based on true life issues – Friends & Friendships, Suffering, Loving the Unlovable, Keeping Love Alive, and even Menopause — this book is like having a conversational road map that will help you turn those impossibilities into possibilities and have you on your own route to Destination? Joyful! A must read for every woman!

“Lepins helps you find your own way to honesty, righteousness, courage and love. She takes a number of everyday situations and presents you and me with her crystal clear thoughts, all presented in a ‘Coffee Hour’ style that is a joy to read.”

Evinda Lepins is a part-time freelance court reporter, an author and motivational speaker. Her own life’s experiences coupled with the gift of grace have been her inspiration for speaking and writing since sorting through and removing the junk from her own trunk that initially had the power to destroy her life.

She is the author of “The Men In and Out of Her Life,” the first of the “Destination? Joyful!” trilogy. She and her co-host Steve Atkinson, MA, have a weekly Blog Talk Radio show entitled, “Destination? Joyful! Unpacking the Junk, One Piece at a Time,” geared to helping others recognize and unpack that junk.

Lepins also sponsors workshops that provide tools for living life to its fullest and still actively posts blogs Monday through Friday while working on the second book of the trilogy, “Seen and Not Heard.”


Evinda Lepins

CPM Store


Phone: (951) 797-8713.

So that’s it; the book is now available through Infinity Publishing and will be available through Barnes and Nobel, Borders, and others within a few weeks. We’ll have the links up on the website as soon as we get them.  I’m so blessed to have you in this journey with me. If you haven’t signed my guestbook on the home page to get my publication updates, please take a moment to do so now and then confirm it through the email that you’ll receive within seconds. I have a great feeling about this book; I truly feel like it’s going to push the other one, “The Men In and Out of Her Life,” right into a contract with an agent…



“Keeping it Real” From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Friday, October 8th, 2010

So, there you have it! We are up and running and the RSVPs are coming in. Don’t miss out. If you would like to charge your ticket, we are actually up and running with that, too. Just e-mail and leave a contact number and we’ll call you and secure your ticket over the phone! I’m so excited!!!