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Monday’s Mantra

Monday, December 19th, 2016


Thanks for joining us for Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and Trench Classes United. It’s always good to have a splash of perspective, especially around this time of year. Grab your favorite beverage and join me for a splash of perspective and a little Christmas message from my heart to yours!


It is not about the presents under the Christmas tree,

But the presence of love we feel from friends and family

It’s not about the shopping that we feel we must do

But about the gift that has been given freely to me and you

The gift is a gift that money can’t buy

The birth, death & resurrection of Christ is for you and I

Nor is it about making a list and then checking it twice

And buying countless gifts for the naughty or the nice

The reason for the season isn’t about all the debt and stress

It’s a season to offer special gifts such as patience and forgiveness

Or maybe a gift of time for one whose time is running out

A meal for a family in need to encourage hope where there is doubt

Or maybe someone needs a helping hand to accomplish a tedious chore

Yes, these are the kinds of gifts that keep on giving forever more

Oh that we would take the materialism out of this season

And in its place remember redemption is our reason

Acts of kindness come freely to and from those walking in His Spirit

They will outlive materialism though the world doesn’t want to hear it

The gifts of Love, joy, peace, patience, don’t need a reason

Nor does kindness, gentleness or self-control have to have a season! EL

May the gifts of the season guide you to and through the New Year!




Tuesday’s Trench Lessons 4 Life

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015
Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

Welcome back to our Tuesday’s Trench Lessons with Lea! Grab your coffee and your Strand of Faith and let’s go see what she has for us today!

What would the movie of your life look like? What would it be rated? Would it be a romance, comedy, or horror flick? Who would be your “target audience”?

I wonder how we would feel, what we would do, how we would live, if others could actually see how we live and behave in our own homes; in other words, could I even sit thru the movie of my life? As I was thinking this I thought about every time I lost my temper, ate the wrong thing, or made the wrong choice. I was embarrassed to think about that “movie.” That led me to this thought: Why doesn’t this same behavior embarrass me in front of my own family? The answer that I have come to realize is this: Unconditional Love. If my husband tells a lie, or my kids break my favorite collectible, I still love them without hesitation. I believe the same applies to me. My husband and children love me, in spite of my weaknesses.

During this whole thought process, I began to think about those movies that show the people passing away, and a big movie projector showing them their life. I know I’ve been to memorial services where there was a sort of movie made of their life…of course only the good times.

We know that the scriptures tell us we will all be judged at the last day. So will my projector be showing all the times I yelled at the kids, or had anger toward my husband? Will it show all the bad words that fly out of my mouth when I am at the end of my rope with all the inconsiderate drivers? Will it show the hundreds of thousands of times in my life when I have committed a sin? If it did, I don’t think there would be much hope for me!

Before we all just throw our hands up in the air with despair, let us turn to the scriptures. Isaiah 43:25 which states: I, even I, am He that blotteth out thy transgressions for mine own sake, and will not remember thy sins. Isn’t that such a beautiful thing? Not only did Jesus die to forgive us, but He goes a step farther by forgetting them as well. It is truly like they never happened! Isn’t that thought so freeing?

Don’t get me wrong; this does not give us a free pass to just do whatever we want, and then ask for forgiveness. He knows what is in our hearts. But because He loves us unconditionally, we are freed!

When the reel of my life plays, it will just be my greatest hits! It will show all the people I loved, and all the times I decided to choose the right! My movie will be beautiful, because my life is beautiful. I hold on to that knowledge, and have hope for the future. Please join me in this knowledge and hope!

Until next week…I love you


Seven Sacrifices to Joy

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015
Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

EL pen Logo with heartThanks so much for joining me for Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and more of this third sacrifice in the Seven Sacrifices to Joy! Communication is what makes or breaks a bridge! Grab your coffee and your strand of faith and let’s go tie some more knots in our ongoing conversation about communication!

How is it that we can hold our tongues, be slower to speech, step back before we jump forward with our words? There is a truth that I know has been very helpful to me in this constant trial of speaking words that build up instead of tear down: Out of the abundance of the heart, a man/woman speaks! (Luke 6:45b) See, what is in our heart will come out of our mouths.

Oh, I can’t even begin to tell you how many times that something has escaped from my mouth like a robber quickly taking off with his sought-after loot only to be hit in the face with a picture of my heart!

Then I am left with the gentle conviction as my words are left exposed, as if engraved in the sand after the tide rolls away. They are there for me to stare at, their tone not hidden in the grains of sand, rather echoing back over the sound of the wave, convicting me, moving me to seek forgiveness from Him first, and then go to the one who is still stunned by the stink that my words have left in their being.

I know there is no condemnation for I am His, and yet I struggle with this question, and maybe you do too: Why does this seem to be an ongoing struggle? I mean when I started blogging four and a half years ago, one of my first blogs I wrote was about mouthing off to my husband! Does this mean I haven’t grown in this area? Ugh! Can you hear me groan?

The answer I keep hearing is: keep the heart clean. See, the heart is like the closet of the house; everything gets stored in there, but little gets cleaned out of there! If there is even a tiny bit of dust in the heart with somebody’s name on it, then out of the mouth will come that dirt. The cleaner the heart, the cleaner our words!

Whenever there is a tiny hint of resentment, any little piece of unresolved conflict, it will be the aroma that comes out with any form of communication creating more tension, and a wall inhibiting integrity. When someone steps on our emotional toe, why is it that we can’t say ouch out loud …without trying to hurt the one who hurt us? When will we realize that a hurt + a hurt = a double-hurt? Oh, don’t we need this consistent reminder? I know I do! The good news: there is forgiveness and with a truly repentant heart comes change, and grace, like a wave coming back in to wash the shadow of the pain caused by the hurtful words until we can feel the sting no more.

But how about those who don’t know how to say ouch, so they keep it in for fear of how the other will take it? In other words, they anticipate the response, assume how they will respond and so the hammer comes down again, sealing in bitterness and resentment.

Again, I hear the clean heart analogy. If we say “ouch” with a motive to hurt and tear down, or to repay evil for evil, more likely than not, the fire will grow higher and higher and the wound deeper, but if our motive is to restore, repair, then the rest is up to the other person, whom you cannot control! We must not hold back an apology based on what we think they might say, or even because we feel they wronged us first. Remember, when we get there, He’s going to talk to us about how we responded to the step on the emotional foot. Others’ hurtful behavior isn’t a free pass to misbehave.

See, God knew we’d have conflict; that’s why He spoke through Paul in Romans 12:18, for as much as is possible with you, live peaceably with others. You do your part; He’ll take care of them. Go ahead and put your name in that verse: for as much as is possible with _________, live peaceably with __________. Who do you need help communicating with today? Claim this verse over U for without the U, there is no “Us”!

Oh, that I would be so slow to speak, that my words would lift up and not tear down …

Until tomorrow,

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Seven Sacrifices to Joy

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015
Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

EL pen Logo with heartOh, it’s so good to write from my heart to yours! I pray that my learned lesson acts as preventative medicine for you in your journey toward Destination? Joyful! ™ Grab your coffee and let’s get back to the second sacrifice that makes our Father smile, a sacrifice of righteousness.

In what other ways might we offer up a Sacrifice of Righteousness? As I considered that question in my own life, and did some research in others’ lives, I realized there are some very important elements that go along with offering up a Sacrifice of Righteousness and they have to do with the condition of the heart!

Here’s something to think about: the more room you give someone in your heart, the more power they have over you. Could this be why relationships/others are the most challenging lessons in the classroom of life?

Wow, a light just went on for me … like a shooting star in the middle of the night that thinks no one is watching. Could keeping score prevent us from offering a Sacrifice of Righteousness? ABSODARNLUTELY! I’ve seen it over and over again in the Relationship trenches. And again, not to belabor my experience, as I listened to this person bring up perceived wrongs from months prior, I was stunned into silence as I realized that not only was she receiving and perceiving information incorrectly, but she had been keeping score so by the time we met to resolve these things that had become issues unbeknownst to me, she was like a pot boiling over. I truly felt compassion for her as I realized life had taught her to become a great score-keeper!

When people cannot get past an old hurt because they choose not to forgive and let go, they do not move forward in life. Instead, they stay stuck and often get buried in unresolved misperceptions.

But, you say, it doesn’t mean I’m going to forget … is forgiveness and forgetting the same thing? Ah, such a good question. I wish by forgiving that we could forget, and for some things it is possible, but for some things, especially matters of the flesh, forgetting becomes a little more difficult. In our relationship trench class last week, someone asked me about that, and I could see that they were truly struggling to understand. As I looked around the room, I could literally see the expectancy on almost every face in the class. I took a deep breath in, calling upon Him to speak through me as I thought of the least complicated way to explain the difference.

I pointed to my husband as I began. “That man has hurt me before … many times; and I have hurt him. But I don’t remember what he’s done that has caused my heart to hurt; I haven’t been keeping score, and neither has he, so we’ve been able to move forward. And then there’s the things that my step-dad did to me … things that I do not wish to glorify by speaking about, but because they were done to my flesh, and the flesh has a memory all of its own, many of those things have not been forgotten but I have forgiven him and have moved victoriously forward in my life. How do I know? My painful past has been used to fuel my passion and His platform!”

You could have heard a pin drop and I continued.

“Now, if there’s something that comes up and you feel a little pricking, a little poking that causes you the slightest twinge, then there’s still some un-forgiveness in there and the best thing to do is to confess it. Some things take a process to forgive … “

I think they got it; did you? Let me leave you with one final thought on this type of Sacrifice of Righteousness:

Forgetting cannot be used as a crutch to never make my way up Forgiveness Road!

Learning to offer up a Sacrifice of Righteousness,

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Secret Faults & Presumptuous Sins from Coffee Hour @ ChicklitPower

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Psalms 19:12-14

Who can understand his errors? Cleanse me from secret faults. 13 Keep back Your servant also from presumptuous sins; Let them not have dominion over me. Then I shall be blameless,
and I shall be innocent of great transgression.

EL pen Logo with heart

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

Thanks for joining me for Coffee Hour and more of our November’s WOW! I certainly hope and pray we can chew through the rest of it before the end of November flies right by! J Grab your coffee and come on in.

We were almost done with the Webster’s Dictionary definition for presumptuous: “right, or good reason.”

Well, what in the world does that mean? I’m sorry, but that kind of muddied the waters! Let’s go explore and see what we find out!

Oh, em, gee! I found some good stuff on this KJV Page of the Web and they are really putting this word “presumptuous” in perspective: “Bold and confident to excess; adventuring without reasonable ground of success; hazarding safety on too slight grounds; rash; applied to persons; as a presumptuous commander.”

Okay, I have to find out something that’s just been whispering, albeit loudly, in the tiny recesses of my brain and that is, did this confession and pleading have anything to do with his adultery committed with Bathsheba, and the sin he committed after that to cover it up, namely the murder of Uriah? Talk about a thick plot! I’ve got to research this.

Wow, I’ve been to all sorts of sites, commentaries and there seems to be a bit of theological tug-of-war on this very subject: on one side they reference error – the good news is the majority of resources contribute “ignorance “to errors – and on the other is the presumptive or presumptuous sins.

Ah-ha, and yes, every resource I looked at mentions David’s affair and the murder he committed to get what he wanted! He committed every one of the oppositions to the 10 Commandments all in one sin that begat another which begat another and the aftermath was horrible. Oops, let’s stay on track. I was just tempted to defend God, as if He needs me to – for those who say, see, He’s an angry, cause-and-effect God! NOT SO!

What happened back in Old Testament days to those who committed presumptuous sins? Well, in Numbers 15:30, they were cut off from the community AND “his guilt would be upon him.” In other words, end of story, to hell with them; no hope of heaven for you! Wow!

So you may be wondering, why in the world are you staying parked in this presumptuous sin reference? I’m glad you asked! See, I don’t think I’m supposed to just sugarcoat this subject by saying “Hey, we’re living in New Testament times now; we don’t need to worry about those presumptuous sins anymore because of the truth of God’s grace.” We can’t just say we’re all good; don’t worry about it. See, there is another theological tug-of-war regarding this very issue as well, meaning some are stuck on Old Testament thinking, minimizing the power and reality of the necessity of the grace of God and on the other side is the knowledge that His grace does help us with and free us from those presumptuous sins.

Wow, there’s that reminder again: for years, I was caught up in a web of presumptuous sins due to sin heaped upon me in my childhood. Now, through the love and grace of Christ, He has granted me forgiveness of and freedom from these presumptuous sins and filled my heart with a desire to help others recognize and dig up their presumptuous sins, also deemed a hurt, habit and hang-up!

Oh, Father, I am blown away by the leading of your Spirit that is taking me through the pages of your Word, revealing the mysteries of your ways so that we may be free from our presumptuous sins! May I never, ever sin with the presumption that you’ll cover it!

I promise to wrap this up next week! But join me tomorrow for a very special day with a new friend of CPM, Debbie Croley, an amazing woman of God who has been in ministry for years and has agreed to partner with CPM in using the gift of writing. You’re going to love her, and by all means, scroll down and share our coffee hour with others!

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Jeff’s Java Hour @ Chicklit Power

Friday, July 18th, 2014
Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

So I was watching Youtube the other day, and I ran across some accounts of people who claimed to have died and either gone to heaven or down stairs… reeeeeeaaaaallly far down stairs.  Now I understand that there are all kinds of people who just want their 15 minutes of fame so they will say anything to anyone if they can get it, but one story caught my attention.

There was a man who claimed to have had a heart attack — he was a preacher by the way — and instead of going to heaven, he was met by Jesus and sent to hell.  Aside from the guy being bummed out because he forgot his sunblock for the hottest place in existence, he was very shocked to say the least that he was in hell.  After all he was a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he had prophesied in His name, and cast out demons, and served his whole life in ministry, yet there he was, standing in disbelief at the gates of.

He turned to Jesus and asked why he was there and His answer was simple: “You have had a  lot of resentment toward your wife.”

The guy agreed with Jesus silently. He had a lot of unforgiveness in his heart toward his wife and now he stood dumbfounded at the truth that it was blocking God’s forgiveness for his own sin.

Now up until this point I was VERY skeptical about this whole story but when he said that he was cast out from eternal life for unforgiveness, I started to think about the truth to that.  Even if that story was a big lie, that little detail is very true.

Look at Matthew 18:21-35 which is the story of a king who brings a man before him and calls him out on the enormous debt that he owes him.  And when I say enormous, I mean more money than the servant would be able to pay back in his lifetime.  So the king tells his keepers to sell the servant’s wife and children to help pay some of the debt and the man begins to grovel at his feet pleading for another chance.

The king had pity on this man and forgave his sizable debt without requesting anything from him!  Can you imagine?

Every time I read this I always  imagine my school telling me the same thing regarding my school loans.  But seriously the depth of this king’s forgiveness was incredible.

Now after the servant leaves the kings quarters, he sees a man on the street who owes him somewhere around twenty dollars and he grabs him and begins to scream at him and threaten him.  Can you imagine?  This man’s million dollar debt was just fulfilled with the gift of forgiveness and now he is ringing this guy’s neck over 20 bucks!

Well word got back to the king and he had the servant brought back to him. He was going to deal with him and deal with him goooooooood.

So many times I have been that servant; pointing my finger at everyone when God forgave me of killing His Son.  I can never be good enough to earn a ”VIP” spot to get me past the line to heaven.  God’s word also says that many people will stand before Him on judgment day condemned saying ”Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and did we not cast out demons and perform many miracles in your name?”(Matthew 7:22)

And God will say to them ”Depart from me you workers of iniquity. I never knew you.”  Wow! (Matthew 7:23)

GOD said: How can you say that you love me but you hate your brother? 1st John 4:20 He also said that if you can not forgive, then to that measure you will be unforgiven.  It is encouraged these days to place yourself above the people that hurt you.  Society says if you forgive, then you are weak and if you are humble, then you are worth taking advantage of; but I’ll confess to you, that is a fatal trap to fall into.  We have to learn to forgive and I find that when I do, I lose my crazy expectations that keep the people in my life that I love the most crippled and unable to live up to my crazy expectations.

Forgive us, God, and help us; teach us; discipline us so that we can forgive those all around us who hurt us.


Jeff's Java


12 Steps of Purpose from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

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Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

Wow, the countdown literally starts today, New Year’s Eve! Thanks for taking the time to stop in and have coffee with me one last time before the New Year. Grab your coffee and let’s get to Step 8.

Step 8: Make a 2-part list: one side of those we have hurt/offended and the other side will be those who we believe have hurt/offended us. Whew, I hear a “STOP” sign!

Consider this statement before you make your list or as you make your list: If truth is an unveiled reality, then maybe what I feel is an offense has not been uncovered to him or her. What if they aren’t aware that they’ve offended you? Is that possible? After all, things are rarely as they seem. The other truth about this is that respect, Jesus style, is letting someone be who they are, exactly where they are! So in other words, in all interactions, separating the behavior from the one behaving! Oh, isn’t that difficult. I could spend hours with you on stories of offensive behavior from others to me but let me just say this: when we feel offended, we behave offensively! So, make that list because the only one that you have the power to change is U!

Be willing to make amends with each of them. This means asking Him to help prepare your heart so you can purpose to make those amends. Making amends is paving the road to serenity. Romans 12:18 tells us “As much as is possible with you, live peaceably with others.” This makes me think of family relationships, especially around the holidays.

Again, remember, when you get there before Him, He’s not going to talk to you about what they did to you, but how you treated them, regardless! When you really think of it with an eternal perspective, it becomes a lot easier to just let it go!

Here are some principles to take with you as you do this step:

• You have to own it before you can disown it!

• Don’t contemplate if they will accept your amends or not because what they do with your amends is up to them, not you. Make them and move ahead.

• This step also requires that you let go of bitterness, resentment . . .

• He will help right your wrong. This step requires you to truly partner with God because it requires a heart change.

This next step has always boggled my mind a bit, but I think I understand why it’s in there more than I did a few years ago when I began reading and working through the steps. Step 9 says to make those amends directly with those persons except when to do so will cause injury or harm to them. Unfortunately, some of the people we have wounded are sort of frozen on “bitter” and to go to them directly may create more harm as it stirs up the bitterness which increases the woundedness. Pray about sending a letter of amends. There’s always a way!

One of the bases for this step is found in Matthew 5:23-24 – go ahead; look it up. 🙂

the Book with ALL the answers!

the Book with ALL the answers!

Amends is more than an apology because it is a clear and purposeful act designed to resolve conflict, as much as is possible with us.

Try and envision this spiritual principle of forgiveness, not only of others, but of self, which is incredibly freeing: The offense of another produces hurt to the offended. So imagine you as the offended. That hurt or offense is like a handcuff that is put on to the offender by you, the offended. Now you, the offended, are bound to the offender by the grudge you hold.

With this picture in mind, who has the greater power to remove that handcuff, you or the offender? When you forgive, you release yourself. The offender’s guilt can only be removed by the offended!

Forgiveness paves the path to serenity.

Join me Thursday for Step 10! We will finish with this “purpose” series before going to our first WOW of 2014!

Forgiven by Him,


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Nana Holds from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Friday, October 25th, 2013


Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

EL pen Logo with heartIt’s great to share another Coffee Hour with you and more of this season which is definitely changing as I write this for you. Wow, I can’t wait to bring you up to where we actually are. Talk about a wild ride! Grab your coffee and come on in. We are still talking about a few ropes I found myself tangled in within my marriage!

The rope of victim, which I thought was long gone, reared its ugly head in my attitude as I all too often focused on how hard the task of raising a little one truly is more than the rewards of it. Again the cry of my heart was for Him who would lighten my heart, exchange my will for His and continue to transform my heart.

Another rope pulling on my heartstrings was that of weariness. I was consistently continuing to tell myself how tough this season was/is. Our brain only knows what we tell it and I’ll never forget when the light turned on and my complaining turned off, but that’s for me to share a different day.

These ropes and others were definitely thinning by this time, but they were still vying for my emotions, trying to trip me up and hold me captive in co-dependency, my innate tendency to rely on others for my happiness, especially my husband. It’s not easy admitting this, let alone writing this, but oh, how thankful I am that my Redeemer lives and that He’s never done painting on my life’s canvas.

So was it any wonder that I was looking forward, albeit tentatively, to a getaway with my husband? After receiving that phone call, and holding on to each other in our pain, I asked him what he wanted to do, if he wanted to leave. I was so uncomfortable with the thought of Bryce and Jene’ and Bryden heading back to our home, all by themselves, as if nothing had happened; it just wasn’t sitting too well in my head and certainly nowhere near my heart. But the other problem was we were concerned for Bryce’s emotional well-being. Once the reality set in of all the possibilities that could take place and how they would, each and any one of them, change his life, we knew he would need some support.

On one hand I knew this situation required grace, but on the other, I was struggling with how do I do life with him in my home? I wanted to know that he was sorry and he would never do this again. Oh, how I wish he could guarantee that he would think of all involved before he made choices that affected us all. I looked at George, questions pouring out of my eyes that I didn’t dare ask but I knew we needed to handle the situation of where he was to go while we were hundreds of miles away.

I shared that with George and he called Jene’s dad, and they both agreed that Bryce should come there and not be alone. That being handled, I remember looking at my

He calls her Ja, Ja. Jene'!

He calls her Ja, Ja. Jene’!

husband, smiling in a sort of bewildered kind of way and verbally reminding him of the promise I had made just three hours earlier, that I was going to look at all God was doing in and through this season with this amazing little boy , keep my eyes on Him instead of the difficulties that came with it. I hugged him to me and reminded him and myself that Bryce’s choice did not knock God off of His throne; that in His strength, we would get through whatever this new situation brought. And with that, we went back into the seminar, sort of in a daze, willing ourselves to enjoy the moments and leave the urgency at home where it would be waiting when we returned. And as we did, something strange knocked on my heart . . . I was missing Bryden, really missing him!

Join me Monday for more and have an amazing weekend!


Nana Holds!

Nana Holds!


Wednesday’s Word-from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013
Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

EL pen Logo with heart

Thanks for stopping by today for our Wednesday’s Word, a sort of power thought that I pray will encourage you in and through your day. Grab your coffee and come on in.

This past week, I was out in Twitterverse, (the universe for Twitter!) and I had tweeted that God is the only one who can make two wrongs equal a right and I sent a question out, “What two wrongs has He made right for you?”

Within minutes we got a response sharing that He hadn’t done that for this person because she said that she felt her wrongs were being focused on and not forgiven.

I then followed up with: Focused on by? And, not forgiven by? I wanted to make sure she had forgiven herself, which she tweeted that she had. That is where this power thought comes from because it lines up with this relationship infection and the need for others’ approval and/or forgiveness.

The prisoner trapped in the bondage of bitterness is the one handcuffed to the offense, stuck in un-forgiveness.

The encouragement I was sending her was the only forgiveness we need to keep going forward is His! I marvel at the ability to communicate with others within a matter of seconds, no matter what part of the universe they’re in! What an amazing tool to encourage others with the comfort we’ve been given!



kim L


Bondage Maker or Bondage Breaker? July’s WOW from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Coffee Hour!

Welcome back to our WOW for July! Grab your coffee and let’s get back to this process that doesn’t seem to make much sense right now, but I promise, it will, and hopefully by the end of our little coffee break today! 🙂

I was so excited when I looked up the Hebrew definitions for forgive/forgiveness because they lined right up with the psychological definition which Steve shared with us on Saturday! Woo-ho, tie another knot in our string of faith! Here goes: “To lift, to bear, to carry, to give up, to pardon.

After reading that, I’m sure there can be some confusion, because there’s really only one who can bear all our junk, but stay with me for a bit here! 🙂

Now let me first give you sort of a mental picture. In your mind, picture someone who has done something that has hurt and/or offended you. Now imagine that person ten to twelve feet in front of you. Around his/her neck is a collar with the word guilt on it, and attached to that collar is a chain. You look down and you are able to see that the chain is reaching all the way across to you! It’s not just near you, though; it is actually hanging from a wrist band around your wrist and if you look, you can easily see the “hurt” written on your wristband attached to that chain, aka, your offender!

Who has the greater power; the offender – the one who hurt you — or the offended — you?

See, forgiveness works like a chain saw that breaks the chain that holds you hostage to your offender! Nothing else can break those chains. When you bear the offender’s burden, aka, the offense, the offender is no longer responsible to you for it. So, because of that, the collar of guilt around his/her neck comes off. Then when you and I give that offense/burden over to God, we no longer have any responsibility for it, and we no longer wear the wristband of hurt or the chain it comes with us. We are FREE!

What we must keep reminding ourselves is that God may yet deal with the offender, but that is no longer your concern! You are a bondage breaker, not a bondage maker! How appropriate to end the day before the day we celebrate our freedom! Have an awesome 4th of July celebration and enjoy your God-given freedom!

Back to Single by Evinda Lepins

The Book that started it all is RELEASED!




P.S. Something tells me I’ll be doing a series on forgiveness, so we’ll be spending a few coffee hours on this topic! And one more thing: I’d like to wish someone incredibly special a most beautiful birthday. Susie, may the memories you create today squeeze your heart with love and laughter! Your friendship makes me a better me!