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Tuesday’s Trench Lessons 4 Life

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015
Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power...

Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power…

Welcome to our new Tuesday series: Tuesday’s Trench Lessons! I am so excited about this series which will be written by one of my Transformers…and there may be a couple other Trenchers who join this blog, but I’m super excited about how this series came to be. To make that long story short, let me just say, it’s been a year-long process, and this came about by Divine ordination! I am incredibly proud to introduce you to one of my original Transformers whom God is truly transforming, Lea Province. You’re going to love her writing!

When will my life begin….By Lea Provence

I have always been a Disney fan. During summer vacations, my dad would take us to Disneyland…every year. We had Disney books, Disney toys and a whole collection of Disney movies. Do you remember those movies? Dick VanDyke and Mary Poppins and Hayley Mills in Pollyanna! Don’t get me started! And of course being a “girl,” I enjoyed the princess movies.

As I grew and started a family, I must confess, I still have all things “Disney!” More and more movies are being released and we naturally have seen them many, many times. Once is never enough. I can literally quote about 90% of the movies…word for word!

I wanted to give you that background to share with you that little nugget of truth and light I was given recently. I was listening to our “Princess Songs” CD when a song from “Tangled” sang by Mandy Moore played. It is called “When will my life begin.” The song starts with Rapunzel listing off all the tasks that she does throughout the day: chores and other things such as: reading, sewing, games, crafts, cooking and backing to name a few. As she goes about her day, she wonders to herself, when will my life begin? She feels as though she’s stuck in the same place she has always been. Would it be like to embark outside of her little world?

Now I have heard and sang this song numerous times. It wasn’t until a month ago that the words of this song literally pierced my heart and I began to cry. I then realized that this is exactly how I have been living my life: I’m on the shampoo lifestyle, rinse and repeat, wondering when will my life begin?

When I was younger, I used to think I’d make some money and buy a house, and that’s when my life would begin. Or, after I lose weight, I’d be more comfortable and that’s when my life would really start. Oh, and the best, after my husband finishes his medical treatment, his attitude will improve and our life will begin and be great! Merely existing is what I have been doing for 35 years, waiting for my life to begin. But I’m realizing that while I’ve been waiting, life has been passing me by!

My oldest baby, my daughter, will graduate next year! Before I know it, it will be here. I could possibly be a grandmother within the next five years! Oh, my goodness, I’m getting ahead of life while wondering when it will begin! How can that be? In a little over a decade all of my children will be adults. Why is it I can imagine life… and not get in it and allow it to pass me by?

If I continue to give my life conditions, you know, the shampoo, rinse, condition cycle, and demand perfection from myself, I will never enjoy life, nor will I truly grow and move forward with and in my life. Romans 3:23 reminds us for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God! We will never reach perfection in this world. In my case, I cannot even see where perfection resides. I’ve decided to stop looking at my life as a finite thing. When I look at my existence eternally, I can see that my conditions are just stepping stones on my journey of progression to perfection.

Oh, the lessons I’m learning in the trench …