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Thanks, I needed that! December’s WOW from Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power! I’m delighted you joined me today. Can you believe it’s the 1st of December? Where did 2011 go? Whew, grab your coffee and come on in for our monthly WOW, some weapons of warfare and words of wisdom. 🙂

I have a little daily devotional that I’ve been reading out for a few months and I just love it, “Jesus Calling” written by Sarah Young. Well, I don’t know how long it took me to catch on, but for the last week and a half, consecutively, the day’s message has focused on being thankful, giving thanks, appreciating the challenges in the day, learning to thank Him for His presence; it reiterates that thanksgiving puts us in alignment with Him and therefore a right relationship, and it is in this attitude of thankfulness that we can experience true intimacy with Him, even in the midst of problems, because life is full of them. We live in a fallen world and as sure as the air that we breathe has pollution, so does life hold problems, challenges, sorrows and trials of all kinds.

The author of this devotional also reminded me of something very powerful that I learned some time ago, and even shared in a prior blog: A thankful mindset does not permit denial of reality of life’s tough journey with its myriad of problems along the way; instead, it helps us to rejoice in Him, OUR Savior, IN the midst of all those problems! When we thank Him IN them, we will have more victory through them! 🙂 🙂 And HE loves this language of thankfulness! 🙂 It’s something you and I can do that pleases Him. 🙂 That brings a smile to my face, thinking that I could please Him after all He’s done for me!

So after reading for several days about all the ways a thankful attitude can open up the window to a better relationship with Him and open up more opportunities in life, period, I said to myself, “Self, what is it that you need to commit to memory in the heart?” Here’s what I found and what an awesome reminder: (NKJV 1st Thessalonians 5:18) In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you (put your name right there!)

I love how Scripture splashes truth and perspective and answers every question I’ve ever had in my life thus far. See, there are some things that we go through that cause us such pain, or grief and sorrow, or stretch us so far beyond belief (I think I have major stock in Spandex!) that we think we’re going to break, that it is near-impossible to thank Him FOR what we’re going through, BUT we can thank Him for other things while in the midst of it. In other words, instead of focusing on what’s going wrong, thank Him for what is right in your life. 🙂 (Whew) 🙂

We don’t have to let our joy, our attitude of gratitude fluctuate with our circumstances; we can rise above it and soar above the trial on wings of an eagle.

I don’t know about you, but I’d like to give a shout of thanks up to God because I needed that reminder!

May you use this verse as the powerful weapon of warfare that it will always be.



P.S. The last twelve days of December will be a WOW rewind as we revisit the weapons that have got us through 2011. 🙂


If I could have coffee with God . . . From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Welcome to Coffee Hour with Chicklit Power and thanks for coming by. Today is a great day to start this series, so grab your coffee and if you have a journal, bring it. You may just get a thought or come up with something that you are thankful for, or even a question you’d like to ask God if you were to have coffee with Him. 🙂

I first started thinking about this series several months ago when two people that are very near to my heart began to get sucked into their addictions again. I was overcome with so many different emotions and I began to put them down on paper. Now that the time has come to actually blog this series, I’ve gotten a little check in my spirit about how I am to begin it. I realized if I were to really have coffee with Him first thing in the morning, I don’t think my time with Him would begin well unless I began with things I would thank Him for, so that’s how I’d like to start this series with you.

Imagine it’s first thing in the morning, and you’ve gotten yourself a cup of coffee. Now go to your favorite quiet place and get settled, and you will find Him there waiting. I’m so excited to get there that I keep spilling my coffee. 🙂

What am I gonna say? This makes me think of that song, “I can only imagine.” There’s really no need to be nervous because He knows me better than I know myself. He knows everything that runs through this mind of mine, whether the thoughts are just like a little pitter patter of a toddler running to his mommy or they’re racing like a team of wild running horses. He knows all about my hurts, whether I’ve shared them with Him or not. He also knows all of my dreams and desires, and whether I’ve surrendered them or not.

So why have coffee with Him? Part of me is wondering and I bet you are, too. Well, it’s because He longs to have that time with you and me. So let’s get comfy and be still and think about some of the things we can thank Him for in our first coffee hour with God.

Oh, Abba, I thank you so much for speaking in a voice that could not be confused with any other all those years ago in the midst of one of the most painful times of my life when it literally hurt to breathe and I truly just wanted to die.

It was the morning after my ex left and I as soon as my eyes focused on the morning, they filled up with tears and then I heard these words that I will never forget, words that I had never heard before. And after you spoke them the first time and I looked to my left and to my right to see who was there, and then I realized You were trying to comfort me and I looked up towards the heavens. I told you I didn’t want to hear from You; that I thought You had let me down because you allowed him to leave and take my heart with him, You, Father, spoke the words again, even more gently than the first time, and what amazes me is how true they’ve continued to be in my life.

Back then, I was fairly new to reading your Word, and I had a Women’s Devotional NIV Bible. I think that’s so amazing how you use all the translations, Father. Anyway, I can still quote your words of comfort from Isaiah 53, Verse 4(a): “Surely He carries all of your pain; He dries all of your tears.”

That was the beginning of our beginning, Father, and I just want to thank You for never giving up on me, even when I want to give up on myself. There are so many things to thank you for, but I really have to begin there.

So go ahead, think about one thing that you are truly thankful for, and then invite Him into your coffee hour and tell Him.