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Part I: Living Fearlessly, Forgiven and Forgiving

What do you do when conflict arises? Do you duck and hide or are you able to face it without creating more conflict? Is there something you haven’t forgiven yourself for, or someone who needs your forgiveness? Join us in the trenches as we tackle our seven most common fears and learn how to give and receive forgiveness because a life lived forgiven is worth living!

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Part II: Living Fueled by Hope, Free from Anger

Do you feel let down by others? Have you ever been hurt by love? There are five things we, often unknowingly, put our hope in, causing unrealistic expectations to rise and relationships to fall, and as the cycle perpetuates, hopelessness and anger can become two emotions that drive our emotional cars. Join us in the trenches to learn about realistic relational expectations that fuel us with hope and free us from anger.

Part III: Embracing Truth and Letting Go…

Often what we do to minimize a problem in our life is the same thing that maximizes them! Would you like to be more easy-going, not feel like you have to have everything manageable, or managed? Join us in the trenches to learn how to embrace truth and let go and live more flexible.

Part IV: Finding Your Identity without Chaos and Confusion

Do you fear being alone? Do you believe you have to have someone to be someone? Relationships can be so confusing! Join us in the trenches to embrace your identity based on YOU and rise above relational chaos and confusion!

How to Love Who You Love

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