Five Ways to Succeed in Life and Love-From Coffee Hour @ Chickilt Power

It’s that time of day again, time for you to step away from the demands of your life, take in a little something to nurture you, physically, emotionally and spiritually. May today’s coffee hour do just that! Grab a cup of coffee and come on in. 🙂

To pray or not to pray hopefully is no longer something that you wrestle with and wonder about, but something that has become a part of your daily life. For many of us, this privilege we have to pray is relied upon hour by hour, depending on the circumstances of our life! Again, I feel my heart squeeze with joy as I remember that His availability is never changing, even when I’m misbehaving! 🙂

I want to share another real happy thought and fact about the word pray. The Hebrew word for “pray” looks like this: “palal.” What’s the first syllable in that word? PAL! Yes, He truly longs for us to consider us friends because long ago, when He was hanging out with His disciples, right before He went to the cross, He told them, and us, that He no longer calls us servants, but friends!

Now, one thing we don’t ever want to get in the habit of doing in our prayer time is give Him a to-do list! 🙂 That’s why I love the acronym for pray, and as I share this with you I sense a gentle but true dose of conviction to get better at following this order because true prayer changes things, changes circumstances and changes people.

So let’s run through the order again. P is for praise. Get in the habit of thanking Him for at least three things beginning with some of what we take for granted! R is for repent. What do we need to turn our backs on? What in our lives is keeping us from going the right direction? A is for ask; ask for intervention for others and ask for the desires of your heart. And finally, Y is for yield. The best way to explain that is simply the more you resolve to commit and commit to pray, the more yielded you are! 🙂

That brings us to the fourth step, which I’ll reveal next week! Be sure and join me for Power Friday tomorrow. Oh, and one other thing, for those of you who know Tammy Scissions, it’s her birthday today and would you give her a big hug for me! Tammy, I bless the day God brought you into my life and journey in kingdom work with CPM!



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