My favorite Christmas moments . . .From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome and thanks for coming by today. I won’t keep you long because I’m still actually reveling in the joy from the memories made on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! Grab your coffee and let me share a few of them with you.

So Christmas Eve was a busy day/eve as we headed over to Mom’s first.






and after what seemed only a few moments, we came home, grabbed the gifts, Bre, Bryce and Brydon and headed for the traditional Lepins Christmas Eve extravaganza! 🙂So many sweet moments there, especially as I lay on the floor playing with Brydon who giggled in that contagious and infectious way that had me laughing like a little girl, like I’ve never laughed before. Though that moment wasn’t caputed by Kodak, it remains forever engraved upon my heart. Everyone was so enchanted with little Bry, and everyone wanted to hold him, take a picture with him and play with him. It was sweet chaos for sure! 🙂

And then we came home, and our son, his wife, Dillan & Ty-Ty were happily waiting for us all snuggled on the couch, trying to sleep but just too excited. That was definitely a sweet night, getting them all tucked in and talking them into going to sleep so they could wake up to all the wonders from the elves…

And literally waking up to that sweet child-like voice that can only come from a three-year-old angelic baby girl, well, now that really was a favorite moment. Here are a few of my favorite pics from our best Christmas ever.

Jeff sneaking one of Lauren's gifts on the tree










Sparky & his candy cane







Baraka & Amos








Yes, the Lord does restore and is all about family!!! Thanks for letting me share with you a few of our favorite moments…













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