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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power, and welcome back to “The Bachelor. This is the third show and the previews are insinuating a lot of drama. Grab your coffee and come on in.

There are still 17 girls left, many hidden identities, three dates, a group and two individual dates. The first date card is for Ashley S, “Let’s find our love song.” Now this is the girl that got the first impression rose. Brad says he feels comfortable around her and that’s why he chose her for this “torturous event,” which is to record a song by Seal, “A Kiss from a Rose.” Poor Ashley, she’s terrified of singing in front of anyone, let alone someone that she’d like to fall in love with. Well, the song had sentimental value for Ashley, but they still butchered it. He didn’t seem to mind though when he appeared on the show and sang for the audience of two. I didn’t know he played guitar. He’s a pretty talented man, Seal that is. Their nighttime date was sweet with raw honesty and the sharing of special things. Dang it, I was just gonna write “and they didn’t even kiss” and the last thing they show was them kissing. I mean it wasn’t nasty or anything, it’s just that when kissing starts, bodies touch, it becomes more emotionally driven and getting to know each other becomes more difficult.

The group date card comes and the winners are: Lindsey, Alli, Brit, Kimberly, Sarah, Shawntel, Ashley H, Lisa, Stacey, Marissa and Michelle. The message: “Love hurts.” The previews show Michelle’s weakness, big time. She’s a barracuda, a not-so-stable chick. So they get to get down and dirty and film an action scene. As he is greeting the girls, the unexpected happens. Brad becomes part of an action scene, and he does pretty good, actually.

Oh, it’s another date card for the one on one. It’s for Emily and his message is “Love is intoxicating.” This is going to be interesting and exciting to see if she reveals a piece of herself, namely her daughter.

Back to the group date, and so far Shawntel is really catching Brad’s eye. She was pretty good. Michelle and her insecurity is getting really annoying! The rap party is meant for them to unwind and for Brad to get to know each of them a bit better. So Brad just got out of the pool, and I just noticed that he has a tattoo of a big cross on his back. Chantal reveals a very vulnerable side of herself to Brad, and shares a revelation she learned when her own dad passed away. She said she’s done living waiting for tomorrow. She wants to start living for today.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Emily reveals her big secret to the girls. She held them all captive with the facts of her love story that ended so tragically, and then she found out she was pregnant and she was only 18.

Oh, back to the group date. Emotions are flaring, and the girls are fighting for some one-on-one time with him and there’s Michelle, her voice in the background talking real smack, saying she wants a kiss and so she roams the area like a barracuda in heat, lets him know that she’ll wait until he’s done with his time with Alli but then she stands there and doesn’t even move! Then when she does have his attention, she demands to know why she never gets one-on-one time with him. Oh, wait, she’s turning  the tears on and manipulating him one turn at a time, talking about her daughter, hoping to fill their time with his sympathy. Well, she got her wish; he kissed her. She’s a bit evil, truly! 🙁

Oh, and the rose goes to Shawntel, the one who was really good in the action scene.

Brad comes to pick Emily up, and he has an extremely romantic date planned. He so wants to push past the small talk and get her walls down. They pull up to an airplane, the instrument that took her first love’s life away. And she still doesn’t tell him. So off to wine country they go. Hmmm, maybe the wine will bring her inhibitions down. She’s deflecting, not biting the bait. Please, Emily, tell him. Oh, nuts, it’s commercial time 🙁 There are too many commercials on this program. I’m gonna go get me some water.

Over dinner, Emily opens up just a crack and admits that there’s an elephant in the room. OMG, she’s starting to tell him the story, and she’s gonna do it. She finishes with “I’m the happiest mom of a five-year-old.” You could see she was so nervous to tell him, but I really am glad that she did. Brad looks elated. “Every single thing that you told me makes me like you even more.” He then goes on to ask her to tell him all about her daughter. She looked so happy with her walls down and talking about her daughter. Yes 🙂 She gets the rose! She’s really cute, very real, and so not a floozie! How do you spell that anyway? I just looked over at my husband, who is watching it with me, and he agrees. She’s sweet!

Emotions are running high and it’s time for the cocktail party and rose ceremony. Can we just fast-forward to the part that shows Michelle leaving the show, Please? Yep, that’s my vote.

Brad practices making the situation comfortable so that the girl he’s with will open up. First up to experience that is Alli. Chantal was next to experience that quality time with Brad, until Michelle came in and literally interrupted him. She’s rude and crude! Oops, I told myself I can’t say it if it ain’t nice. All right, it’s time for a graham cracker with peanut butter because It’s commercial time! 🙂

So Madison throws Brad a curve ball and is seriously contemplating leaving, and Ashley H. is not holding back her doubts either. Okay, let’s get down to it. 11 roses to hand out and three will be going home. So in the order they were called, here is the list of the rose recipients: NO WAY, he gives the first one to Michelle. Dang it! Shawntel O. – wait, Madison is leaving the set and there is now an interruption in the rose ceremony. Madison says good-bye, and admits if she had been herself from the beginning, things could have been different, and she knows she’ll regret it tomorrow. Now back to the rose ceremony. Will there be anyone who actually rejects a rose? Brad comes back and vehemently encourages the women to not accept the rose if they don’t feel right about it.

Okay. Lisa. Next is Jackie, Ashley H., Marissa, Britt, Alli, Lindsey – I’m thinking she won’t be here long, but we’ll see. Mehgan is another one that I don’t believe will be in the finals. The final rose goes to Stacey. Kimberly left, and not without a mean comment. Sarah cried. Tell me, do these girls cry because they weren’t chosen and they miss their chance at love, or could it be they’ll miss all the drama and Hollywood?

Hey, join me for my series with substance tomorrow, 2010 Wow Rewind. Have an amazing day.


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