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Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks for coming by for our “The Bachelorette the morning after,” blog about what happened, scene by scene on this what I’m going to term a meaningful series, but not for its message, more for all its ugly truths that I can pull out of the fantasy of it all. Grab your coffee and come on in for some girl talk. I’m sure you’ve seen some of the articles on our seemingly senseless bachelorette, Ashley.

I was in the grocery store on Saturday when I saw on the cover of US Magazine a picture of Ashley and the words, “Why she took him back.” I was standing quite a ways from it but as soon as I read those words with my new permanent fixtures that are on my face, aka, glasses – ugh — I walked up to the rack to pick it up as if picking it up would make it not true. I knew it! There to the left of her big, big picture – and she is cute but . . . never mind, I won’t be catty! – There is Bentley smiling like a little boy who just won some sort of huge friend contest or something. “Unbelievable,” I muttered. My honey was even disgusted and is now determined that the show is rigged. Can anyone really be that crazy to self-inflict such inevitable heartache? I didn’t even read the article. I actually have a personal preference for the PEOPLE Magazine because I have found things that they have printed to be true versus the other gossip magazines. And that’s not meant to offend anyone. I just like to keep it real and therefore, I need to read what’s real. So let’s go see how much of these previews they showed last week and the articles that are on the newsstands are true.

They’re off from Phuket to one of the most romantic cities in Thailand, Chang Mai. Ben F. gets the first date with Ashley in Chang Mai. They went to the big marketplace, tried on hats, she tried on clothes, they stopped at a painter’s booth and they painted umbrellas. Ben has a great sense of humor and is really interested in what interests her. Their dinner was set upon an amazing flower-engraved setting that flowed with romance. Ben shared with Ashley about his dad passing and his heart being guarded since then, sort of like an emotional zombie. He has since come to terms with it all and says he’s ready to move forward because he’s less selfish and is taking down the emotional walls.

Meanwhile back at the resort, it’s time to tell who’s going on the group date: Constantine, Ames, Nick, Blake, Lucas, Ryan, JP and Mickey, which leaves Ben C and for the 2 on 1 date.

Back to dinner with Ashley and Ben, she asked him what his agenda would be for the relationship and he said my agenda would be about spoiling her and focusing on her, and for the first time in a long time – she means since Bentley – she’s feeling hopeful. She’s definitely better suited for Ben than Bentley!

So this date is a perfect example for some Thai culture, some training in the Moi Thai boxing, hands, fists, legs, anything goes. They were all pretty animated to show off their stuff until they were actually taken to a live ring and told they were going to actually now put into reality what they had practiced. First up to fight is Blake versus Lucas, and the winner is. . . Blake! Now it’s J.P. and Mickey.

This is so stupid. What in the world was she thinking? Now she’s admitting that it wasn’t sucha good idea because she’ realizes as these guys are pummeling each other that she likes them more than she thought. So, J.P. the little guy beat Mickey. Now it’s Ames and Ryan, and Ryan has been a bit cocky since learning that they were going to be doing this. Oh, No, Ames is sort of seeing stars and is holding up his hands so Ryan won that one. Ames has never been in a fight in his life. Poor guy’s got glassy eyes! He got his bell rung.

Then it’s Nick and Constantine, but as they’re fighting, Ames isn’t looking so good and Ashley goes off to get him help and Constantine wins his match but Ames is taken away in an ambulance. Again, stupid idea, Ashley! 🙁 He does return hours later in the midst of their cocktail party after dinner, but he’s suffered a mild concussion and is not able to hold an intelligent conversation. He’s actually a bit goofy and disoriented.

Blake finally gets a moment with Ashley and I love what he said: He says that relationships that are hot out of the gate don’t last; love is a marathon, not a sprint! Then Lucas gets a turn and he gets to show her how to golf and all she can say is “I was pretty turned on.” But when Lucas asks her what her type is and she says she doesn’t have a type, he tells her he knows her type is like Bentley! You should have seen the look on her face!

So she’s made her decision about who gets the rose and Blake not only gets the rose but some reassurance too. By the way, he’s the dentist! 🙂

Now we’re on the two-on-one with William and Ben C. Wow, what a beautiful view through the river waters surrounded by wild life, waterfalls, greenery everywhere and then they get off at a little park-like setting and there are three elephants carrying three guys. William is actually annoying and definitely insecure. He spends his one-on-one time talking about Ben and throwing him under the bus.

OMG, and I thought women were the only ones who stirred the pot with gossip, which is garbage that comes out of one’s mouth and is usually not true! And, yes, she’s falling for it. I mean, hey, she fell for Bentley, right?  She actually ended the date halfway through based on the garbage that came out of his mouth. What a bummer, a huge misconception! I think she needs some communication classes, but then again, if she weren’t so insecure, I don’t think she would have handled it like that. She made it all about her. To put it in Ben’s words, “What a terrible, terrible way for things to end, such a shame.” But hey, the one-on-one date turned into a no-one date! She sent the pot stirrer packing, too! What goes around comes around!

Now that’s the smartest thing she’s done all night. I’m thinking this is the guy that roasted her really bad, right? But then here comes more insecurities and now she’s thinking maybe this way to find a husband isn’t going to work after all!  Hmmm 🙂

Okay, so we’ve wasted two whole segments talking about Bentley and her needing closure. So they’re building it all up really well so I’m sure we’re gonna see him soon, if not this show, then the next one! Wow, is that ever going to be a big piece of humble pie when she looks at the rewind of the episodes! I wouldn’t want to be her.

Finally, the rose ceremony, and Constantine gets the first one. Next up is Lucas. The other guys are looking a bit nervous. J.P. is the next one to get a rose. Ames gets a rose. He should! J Mickey gets the second to the last rose. Here comes Chris to tell us it’s the final rose. That’s so funny to me. J As if we don’t know that already! Anyway, it’s between Ryan and Nick, and Ryan gets it.

They are off to Hong Kong next week and guess who will be joining us . . . Yep, Bentley! I wonder how much he was paid?

Join me tomorrow for more on the “If I could have coffee with God . . .” series and our tough question is: Why do bad things happen to good people.

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