Whew! I”m out of Shape! :) From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power

Welcome to Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power and thanks so much for joining me today for another journal entry. It’s been quite a weekend and I had no idea I was so out of shape. This is one of those Mondays that I have to say, TGIM – Thank God it’s Monday! Grab your coffee and come on in.:)

So one year ago yesterday, I sat in a beautiful and ornate old church and watched my son marry his best friend and I could touch his happiness. I’ve never seen him happier and because it was the happiest day of his life, I really felt like it was mine as well. Well, Jeff and Lauren wanted a little anniversary getaway, and they had been planning it for several weeks and they even took care of baby-sitting arrangements well in advance, so all of us were prepared, at least they were! 🙂

George and I were pretty excited at the privilege of getting both of our grandchildren for the weekend, and yet there was a bit of anxiety, if you will. I can hear you asking, “Why would you be anxious?” Because for one, we have never had an over-nighter with both of them, so we anticipated it would be a little bit of a challenge and not because they are not super kids. They are absolutely adorable and beautiful in so many ways. I had to catch myself as I started to write that they are “good” kids, but then I remembered a conversation I had with my little Dillan who is six years old, and it was all about the difference of being good and making good choices. I have learned the hard way that accusing a child of being “bad” has repercussions too many to count, so I always try and instill in our little Dillan and Ty-Ty that they are good; sometimes their choices are not so good.

Dillan helping Grandpa on the work truck!

Besides being a bit anxious because there are two of them, I was definitely nervous about making mistakes as it relates in what to feed them because both of them have a few allergies, but Dillan’s allergies are many and harsh. In fact, he’s had a couple of episodes that have given me an amazing respect for my daughter-in-law, episodes involving ambulances, hospitals, aka, scary stuff. She is absolutely an amazingly calm mom!

Well to cut that anxiety short, I will share with you now that by the grace of God, nothing happened and the weekend went without any such mishaps! I’m still breathing a sigh of relief as I envision the Epi-pen, you know, the big pen-looking needle that has to go stuck in the thigh if there’s a gasping, choking, allergic reaction taking place!

So back to our first anxiety which was about having them both at the same time. Whew, I had no idea I was so out of shape. I’ve never experienced two little ones together, ever! As I write this for you, I am awash with humility and have a different perspective, a much greater understanding and compassion for parents in today’s world, especially parents of two or more children. There is no way a mom can do it all without the help of and relationship with our Father!

at the park!

at the park!

I can’t even put into words how exhausted we were once we got them back home yesterday, and yet my honey and I kept smiling at the joy from it all. My husband must have said “It’s been a good weekend” five times already! We managed to squeeze in several memory-making events, which definitely added to the exhaustion, but keeping a six and almost three-year-old in the center of our emotional and physical vision at all times was the bigger challenge that took a lot out of us and showed us how out of shape we are!

down the slide!!

Seriously, this brings to mind the scripture that says He will never give us more than we can handle! No wonder I only had one child: Because HE knew that was all I could handle! In the midst of our busy two days, I kept reminding myself that He brought me to it and He would bring me through it. I never sat down, but for meals, and most of the time those were like Pop Goes the Weazel and I was up more than I was down. 🙂 I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow both nights. 🙂

in the Mickey Mouse Maze

Rat race maze!

I’m thinking that the more we practice, the better in-shape we’ll be! Thanks for allowing me to share and if you are a mommy, I hope you are encouraged to know that you are doing the most important job ever!



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angel faces!

Dillan on the bungie swing @ Punky patch!

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3 Responses to “Whew! I”m out of Shape! :) From Coffee Hour @ Chicklit Power”

  1. Jan Bachelor says:

    Yes I am laughing! Ha You guys are not “out of shape” it’s just that God gave us the ability to not remember how much work it is taking care of kids. That is why, with three kids and nine grandkids, I am not a big volunteer anymore. And praise the great God, that the youngest grandchild is almost 16! Hooray. In reality I am ever so grateful for every special moment that we cared for each one of them. To this day they relate the stories of the “remember times” when we played and spent a lot of togetherness just being. All we really have in this life is memories even if they are the ones that wore us to a frazzle, they thought it was awesome! Their day will come when they too will consider themselves “out of shape” if they are as blessed as we. XXXOOO

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